You are saying: cigarette butts show their true colors

Today is a letter from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

The button shows them true colors

Justin Trudeau’s close friend Gerald Butts sent a map of America’s “joke”, which is insulting and derogatory And racist racism. He eventually deleted the tweet and apologized, but this is a stark illustration of liberals' views on the United States.

The maps replaced the proper names of the states with labels such as "Redneck Vancouver", "Scared Rednecks", and "Brown Backistan". ", "Basic Christian Iraq", "Countryman Germany" and "Drunken Driver".

The premature level of Trudeau’s former chief secretary was overwhelming. I found Trudeau not young, just Immature like his friend Butts.

Jim Stevens



The takeover of extremist ideas

if colleges are truly honest in order to achieve Diversity, they will include more conservatives, such as Margaret Winter.

Instead, they try to fool others by declaring that they want "all the different colors of the rainbow", but only if these differences The colors must match the same ideology, that is, thinking like them, which will exclude more and more people, because matching their ideology means matching more and more extreme ideologies.

By the way , Don’t expect Doug Ford and other ruling conservatives to stand up against them and remain financially conservative by eliminating funding for most of these limited employment general education programs that make universities and colleges left-wing extremes They don’t have the courage of Donald Trump, they are politically incorrect and accept it, even if it means enduring demonstrations and the usual visiting scene of the liberal arts professors condemning the mainstream media.[19659004] MARION MARTIN


(This is a way to look at it.)

Proof before the finger injury

I’m all and still forced to face racism and paranoia Mad people express sympathy.

But, especially with the recent Nascar Bubba Wallace incident, I think that before spreading a story that is ultimately false and affects so much, at least It is wise to have the least amount of proof.

Left-leaning media and their loyal followers said without explanation that our police force has systemic racism. I’m not sure how they define the term “systematic” And would like an explanation. The Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was basically her Liberal Party boss Bill Blair who changed her story from her seemingly true belief in racism to being politically correct Belief.

I believe that the vast majority of our policemen are by no means racists or paranoia, and should not automatically be included in the few bad officers who do not seem to understand them.


KANATA [19659004] (The vast majority of people are upright citizens. )

Accurate, inclusive history

Reply: Is that for history? Letter to the author of the letter, [1965年4月25日]: Don’t worry about when to cancel the history class education. There is no reason to worry that there will be new reasons to change the past of the world. One cannot change the past of the world.

What many people seek is to ensure that history is not only preserved, but also accurate and contains everyone’s history. The history of Native Americans and black people is basically ignored or depreciated. Indigenous people welcome and help the colonists survive on this land. In the war of 1812, we fought between you when Americans tried to invade these lands. In every world war, even if your government refuses to recognize that we are the right person, we fight alongside your people.

We don’t want to change the world’s past or delete history. We also just want to say recognize and respect the contributions made by indigenous and black people.

I agree with the author of this letter. We are all human beings and should be respected by each other. And recognition.




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