Yoga poses boost immunity-Yoga and immunity boost immunity

HEALTH-AMNEWS247! On social media these days, a message (The Impact of Yoga on Immunity) is a great way here, the more lazy you are, the safer you will be. This means that the more you stay in the house, the more chances you have of being saved from corona, but we are not only safe but healthy.

In rare cases, we will spend a lot of time with our family (Yoga poses immunity). We cannot and should not be deleted on TVs and phones all the time. We can do many activities with our family, one of them is exercise. Not all exercises are suitable for people of all ages, in which case we will tell you four such exercises that children, the elderly and women can do together. You don't even need these tools. It is enough to not touch each other. Then start


Stand upright with your feet in the gap and raise your hands. Turn (Yoga pose to boost immunity) Turn left and try to touch your left toe with your right hand by bending. During this time, the left hand will stay up. Then in the same way, keeping your feet in place, turning your torso to the right while flexing, try to touch your right foot's paw with your left hand. This is 10 to 20 times faster.

2- Jumping Jacks

Each of us must do this in our childhood. Stand up straight. Jump, spread your legs and arms, spread your legs and hands to the ground. Then, spread your legs and jump back to the original position again. This increases blood circulation in the body. It benefits the entire body. Perform 10 to 20 times.

3- Lange

Stand and move your feet forward and backward. Bend one knee so that it makes a 90-degree angle with Thai and Kaf. Place both hands on your knees, this will keep you balanced. Now do it with the other leg. You can do this by jumping slowly. Whenever you do, focus on your feet. Do this 10-10 times with your feet.

4 core enhancements

Your core is the main focus of this exercise. It can quickly reduce stomach fat. If you don't practice, your entire belly will start shaking in just 15 seconds. Don't panic.

5- plank

First move the stomach to the ground. Then lift your whole body with the claws and elbows of (Yoga pose, boost immunity). Your hands will stay in front. Your entire body will stay in a straight line. It's called Planck. It makes your core stronger. You can go from one minute to as long as possible. Children, men, women and children can do it.

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