With Meng Wanzhou ’s decision, the politicization process only exists in China ’s imagination

The judge ruled against Huawei executives, but this was not a slam dunk.

On the court ’s steps, demonstrators flashed signs, shouting the plight of Uighurs in China, bringing Canadians Michael Spearwall and Michael Kovrig, the influence of the Chinese Communist Party and Huawei ’s The disaster in prison was imprisoned. The bidding helped establish the Canadian 5G system. Some signs even mention the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, Mumbai is the actual topic that happened on Wednesday in BC. Supreme Court.

Despite the huge impact and influence of Mencius ’continued detention and allegations of fraud in the United States, Chief Chief Judge Heather Holmes’ mission was to completely resolve the issue and rule that the Huawei executive committed the crime. Whether accused of being on the southern border of China will also be charged in Canada. She determined that there was indeed a so-called "double crime" in this situation.

Therefore, Meng Wanzhou ’s performance will proceed quickly: geopolitics; threats and retaliatory measures from angry Beijing; international media circus, and of course, Canada ’s unremarkable extradition process—all other issues gradually from the center The judicial center developed.

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Meng Meng ’s refusal to bid for extradition meant that she was still under partial house arrest in the luxurious Shaughnessy mansion with an ankle monitor and bodyguards. Of course, the consequences for Spavor and Kovrig, who were detained in China after being arrested for two weeks in December 2018 in Mumbai, are even more terrible. They are still being held alone without any charges or unable to meet with a lawyer or family. China ’s tit-for-tat accusations are unlikely to end in the short term: suspicious sanctions against Canadian rapeseed exporters will undoubtedly continue, plus any further retaliation that Beijing deems appropriate. The governments of Canada and the United States regard it as the decision of an independent judge on extradition law, while the dictatorship regards the shameless provocation of the United States.

From the vantage point of the Chinese government ’s operation the failure to rule the country of Meng made Canada a "poor clown and scapegoat in the Sino-US war." "Bad" state and will further harm bilateral trade. The exaggerated statement is part of a series of remarks recently made by Chinese government officials, including a statement from the embassy today: "Immediately release Ms. Meng Wanzhou and let her return to China safely, rather than go the wrong way." Make quick political revenge for Beijing's misconception that it is a naked political decision.

In fact, Sherlock Holmes ’ruling should be supported by all parties. If they give a reasonable explanation, they can safely guarantee the willingness to deal with the case. It is difficult to understand the independent judicial institution ’s own rights. s method. Still firmly separated from political considerations. Meng ’s lawyers argued that because the fraud allegations stem from the accusations, the Chief Executive lied to the global bank HSBC for violations of US sanctions against Iran, and Canada does not have such sanctions, so it would not constitute a crime in Canada. The Royal Counsel argued that the allegations were about fraudulent statements to banks, not about misleading statements. The judge rejected certain arguments of the Canadian government, but ultimately made a favorable ruling: If someone in Canada makes a false statement that puts a foreign bank at risk of violating foreign sanctions, it will be illegal. "I disagree with Ms. Meng that referring to US sanctions to understand the risks of HSBC is to allow the substance of the act to be defined by foreign law. Holmes wrote.

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Meng ’s team can appeal this decision. Assistant lawyer Asad Kiyani said that Canadian law determines whether the alleged behavior is essentially Constitutes fraud. University of Calgary law professor. Meanwhile, the extradition hearing continues in June, and her defense lawyer will argue again that she was treated unfairly when the authorities initially detained her at Vancouver International Airport. She was on a flight to Mexico at the time, so she will try to end the procedure again. Then, a hearing will be held to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support extradition-Canada sets a very high threshold for this part of the process Low. He added that even if appeals against double criminal rulings and abuse procedures are good-natured, Ms. Meng is likely to seize every opportunity: "It is worth a try, especially if you are worried about the later part of the hearing. [19659003] Despite the government ’s desire to "promptly", this process may continue for several years. Las, Spavor or Kovrig have no parallel judicial structure to use. In the process of treating them in Beijing, there is nothing that promotes speed The Trump administration ’s extradition request puts Canada in the vise, although the president and his secretaries have accused China of being at fault in accelerating the increase in the number of American casualties, but in this chaos. Fighting for Canada is really powerless

Over the past weekend, Meng and her colleagues appeared on the steps of the court and took a strange "thumbs up" group photo. The scene not only looked surprisingly rash As a result, and with no mercy on the world and its changes over the past few months. Meng and her friends stood side by side with their thumbs extended to the thumb, without masks-as if there was no risk of being infected with coronavirus in large group gatherings.

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