Winners of the 15th Annual Host Hosting Student Development Competition Sponsored by AngelHack

The 2019 competition is the largest number of entrants in history

New York March 20, 2020 / PRNewswire /-Over 25,000 students signed up for $ 150 for cash gifts Contest cards, exclusive T-shirts, digital badges, access to the new Master the Mainframe (MTM) Talent Lounge community, travel allowances for IBM conferences, and $ 1,000 education scholarships.

The competition is divided into three sections, and each section will receive various recognitions and rewards after completion. Total registrations have increased by 40% over last year, and the number of participants completing these three sections has increased by 123%, thanks in part to increased publicity and the launch of a new MTM student community that has provided the process stand by. Perhaps most importantly, the mission of the competition is to promote active mainframes to Gen Z, with 85% of participants saying that they prefer mainframes after participating in the competition after an internal AngelHack survey.

The Mainframe Master announced the mainframe winners of the annual student developer competition supported by AngelHack and sponsored by IBM. Master the Mainframe has just completed its 15th year of promoting mainframe skills and resources to students over the age of 13 worldwide. With unprecedented levels of participation and creativity, this year's entries set new standards for public competitions.

Grand Prize Winner

  • Takao Ka Akio Fisheries University ( Japan )
  • Mark Budavari University of Szeged ( Hungary )
  • Pan Yanchang University of Buenos Aires ( Argentina ])

Regional winners

  • Yosto Isogami, Waseda University ( Japan )
  • Georges Kopp OpenClassrooms ( France ) [19659012] Gonzalo Hemadi, University of Argentina ( Argentina )
  • Brian Zhou Hamed Bugara de Ballauds University ( Algeria )
  • Parmon · Simon Mponnpa University of Rwanda ( Rwanda )
  • Kaitlyn Lowe Canyons Tec Advanced Education Center ( United States )
  • Christos Polemenakos University of Dallas ( United States )
  • Divyanshu Singh University of Petroleum and Energy Research ( India ) [19659007] Avishek Sen Sudhill Memorial College ( India )

"Master the next generation of interactive learning resources for mainframe quotes to gain the experience and skills needed to run critical enterprise systems. When you consider the IBM Z infrastructure and mainframe applications to be the core of the operations of the world's top banks and governments, healthcare, retail, and other industries, it's clear how important the talent flow for developing mainframe skills is. Congratulations to all our winners. "Meredith Stowell Vice President of the IBM Z Ecosystem .

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