Will Trump launch police violence to reshape the United States?

Anarchy in the core area of ​​the United States keeps the country constantly renewing its spirit. Now, Donald Trump may use this spirit to destroy the Republic.

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 George Floyd’s black life is vital
After the police killed George Floyd, the United States protested (Image: Sipa USA / Anthony Behar)[19659005] In recent decades, it has been customary to point out any turbulence that has occurred in the United States. Although it looks like a collapse, it is in line with the events of the continuous uprising in the 1960s and 1970s or the end of apartheid (official) in the 1950s It is incomparable.

After all, between 1965 and 68, the urban uprising devoured the United States. In 1954, Eisenhower sent the US Army from south to north to stand with the local National Guard, which was used to prevent school apartheid. In the 1970s, thousands of protest explosions occurred throughout the country.

During the life of Bush, Iraq and the first black people, we were rightly told that the great American ideological machine was erasing the memories of the past, and the current merger has no comparison.

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In the current wave of protests, uprisings and riots in the United States, this sentence may be coming to an end.

As I wrote, President Donald Trump is addressing the United States, condemning the weakness of the US governor and threatening to send troops into the states to quell protests.

This is called a coup, but this is not the case. The US military had previously deployed in the Detroit and Los Angeles uprisings in the 1960s.

The new change is that Trump used federal police instead of DC locals to disperse peaceful protesters outside the White House in real time. Even LBJ, Nixon and Reagan did not do this.

The tear gas was accompanied by bursts of smell from the military government. Trump is eager to become a strongman in the United States who has spent decades building the Zenan border, and the protests seem to be different from the climax of the Jefferson-style former uprising.

As the summer heats up in the north, the exhausted masked people are pushed to all the ruined, plundered, ruined cities.

The United States has taken selfies using Guatemalan filters. The most direct reason was that the police killed the black George Freud in Minneapolis in a small arrest. The deeper logic for this sudden explosion is that the killing is an exact copy of the other killings — deaths related to suffocation, just like the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island in 2014.

Therefore, it formulated the wording created in the "Black Lives Matter" protest after Garner was killed: "I can't breathe".

During these protests, it was suspected that the term had a broader meaning and was related to the COVID-19 economic shutdown, and the United States apparently under-reacted to the resulting indirect poverty.

The government failed to govern even in the best interests of the people. The ensuing overthrow and the country’s response to this commitment (dog and shooting promises) reminded us that the most visionary novels in the United States in recent years are YA novel.

The Hunger Games is here.

These events assert once again that, contrary to claims, the state is still controlled by rights.

After all, although hundreds of buildings were burned down, the entire block was occupied, and opportunists looted, the right-wing squad did not take any organized response, which has become more apparent in recent years.

Given that they call themselves "militias" and claim to be citizens' defenders of the Republic, this should be strange on the surface. But of course not. The police force is basically a militia. The vast majority of the rest seem to be of the role-playing type-AR-15 is installed in Dunkin’ Donuts. (As the incident enters the second week, the actual security guard seems to be rising ; especially in South Philadelphia, which is a very racist place.]

Many of the most violent incidents seem to be Most Apple-American riots and police riots are not surprising.

The police have a unique role in the United States-a floating, fourth type of separation of powers-precisely because the official story of the United States is that the Constitution guarantees the restriction of state power.

After this classification, many people do not see the continuous expansion of police power and rights; the Ohio Potrezebie Police Department must have a tank because the Bill of Rights can protect us from abuse. This assumption of police rights affects blacks more than whites, and contrary to whites (although poor whites have poor living conditions), this is shocking.

Police are everywhere in the United States. Local, state, federal, airport, bus, bailiff, sheriff, private security, etc. They can also do hawks and cuffs with arms folded. Even decent people are so beating on the land of 300 million guns that they will do so.

In recent years, this sense of division has made white policemen the frontline of white American dissatisfaction. Therefore, in the current uprising, journalists are easy to shoot and shoot them directly, causing serious injuries and near-fatal injuries (including the partial blindness of Australian resident journalist writer Linda Tirado), This is completely unprovoked. Even today’s reporters are very stupid and can’t prove it.

All this happened under Trump's leadership-or the ruling group under the brand-has turned the originally cyclical uprising into a crisis.

Trump overturned Theodore Roosevelt's "speak softly, carrying a big stick" power method. He fantasizes violence violently, and then leaves the action vacuum filled by others.

If he is still under the control of the mysterious power I describe, then the confusion is intentional, that is, direct power is chosen to control the health of the Republic.

The American, Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson) understood and created it, and its core has always been anarchy. Jefferson believed that it should be destroyed every half a century or so to renew the spirit of the country.

But this assumes that its ruler will act like Roosevelt, like LBJ, in this spirit.

What will happen if the United States spirit is used as an excuse to end the Republic in its current form?

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