When Texas reversed the course of masks, GOP followed the convention

Austin, Texas—Texas began Friday to provide cover under the order of Greg Abbott, the Republican governor, and his party made plans for a large-scale meeting in Houston this month In order to amplify the response of the Texas Republican Party to the conflict

Abbott, the governor of the largest red state in the United States, evaded whether he would support a three-day indoor meeting starting on July 16. The event usually attracts thousands of people, making it one of the largest political events in the United States-but this year coincides with Houston becoming one of the largest viral hotspots in the United States.

On Friday, the Mayor of Houston urged the Texas Republican Party to reconsider, because the party regards its assembly as a test run for the Republican National Congress. Next month in Florida, President Donald Trump is expected to accept the Republican nomination.

"This is a convention that Trump wants," said statistician Leslie Thomas, a member of the GOP committee from Dallas, at a party meeting held on Thursday night. "Whether like it or not, Texas is a Republican state. We assume it.

The conflict underscores the pressure Abbott faces inside and outside his party as he tries to control Texas’s shocking virus resurrection The conservatives radicalized the new mask order, condemning it as a strong hand. Abbott issued a new appeal to people who said he failed to grasp the severity of the Texas crisis. The crisis in Texas earlier this week Within a day, a record of more than 8,000 newly diagnosed cases was set.

"It seems that people do not understand Abbott's statement to San Antonio TV station KSAT.

According to statistics maintained by Johns Hopkins University, the United States set a record of 52,300 newly reported cases on Friday. More than 7,500 cases have been reported in Texas, and hospitalization rates have hit a record high. This picture is bleak in most parts of the country, including Arizona and Florida. Due to the surge in cases and hospitalizations, Republican governors have also withdrawn from active reopening.

Neither followed Abbott’s action to reverse the mask. Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson signed an executive order on Friday next door in Arkansas, allowing cities to issue mask regulations, but continued to resist the requirement to enforce the order statewide.

The Texas mask order was fined $250. Abbott stood back and stood out as one of the fastest reopenings in the United States. This is his most dramatic face. Among the large cities where the virus spread rapidly, the mayor and county leaders (including San Antonio and Austin) praised the decision, but also condemned Abbott’s resurgence and criticized Abbott for restarting Texas so quickly And deprived of the power to enforce stricter restrictions. [19659002] "It's time," Ron Nirenberg, the mayor of San Antonio, referred to Abbott's mask order. Weekend July 4th. A few hours after Abbott released the mission on Thursday, while continuing to urge people to stay at home, the Texas Republican Party voted in an emergency meeting to decide to maintain the plan to meet in Houston instead of holding a virtual rally.

The refusal to cancel led to the withdrawal of its sponsorship by the Texas Medical Association, the largest medical organization in the state. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, said, "The city will decide what steps must be taken to protect the health and safety of employees, visitors and the public."

Texas Mask There are exceptions to the order for people who suffer from a health condition or a disability, exercise outdoors, participate in religious ceremonies, or vote. Abbott also empowered the mayor and county government to ban outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people.

On June 17, Abbott told Waco TV: "We want to ensure that the government and the government do not violate individual freedoms. Individuals cannot be required to wear masks." Two weeks later, Abbott issued a mask order on Thursday.

Former Republican State Assemblyman John Zerwas provided consulting services to Abbott during the pandemic. He said that the governor told him that he would issue mask orders a day ago and was affected by the deteriorating trajectory .

"What is the political meaning?", Zevas said. "But the impact on public health is very clear. This is a decision that needs to be made."


The Associated Press writer, Andrew De Milo of Little Rock, Arkansas, contributed to this report.

Paul Weber, The Associated Press

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