whatsapp automatically delete mail-automatically delete whatsapp mail

AMNEWS247! WhatsApp has an instant messaging app that supports multiple (whatsapp automatically deletes messages) has been running on the device for a while. Now, you can only run WhatsApp on a smartphone by mobile phone number. But under this function, you can use

according to The WhitesApp official news website WABetainfo reports that you will be able to use WhatsApp on multiple smartphones in your phone. This feature is very useful for those who continue to use this feature. Change the smartphone from ti I want to use a regular or multiple smart phone

Whatsapp was automatically deleted

Last year, there were also reports that the company was beta testing multiple device support. This report contains a screen shot from which you can see evidence of this feature.

WhatsApp is final build Support for many devices that the public will release later is currently unknown. So far, the company has not officially announced any information about this feature.

It is not clear whether the functionality of most WhatsApp devices is cross-platform. In this feature Next, you may be able to change your WhatsApp account from a tablet to a smartphone, or a smartphone to a smartphone.

Whatsapp automatically deletes

talking about the WhatApp Telegram Rival application, which has been provided for multiple devices Support. This instant messaging application. The report pointed out that WhatsApp Beta v2.20.110 devices have logged in many functions.

Referring to another report related to WhatsApp itself, the company also operates "disappearing news." This function will be different from "Delete Message". Below this, you can set a time limit for the message, after which the message itself will be deleted.

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