What you are saying: Cut carefully

Today is the "Ottawa Sun" to the editor.

Please be cautious

Trim fat to work 1; the public sector must be deleted in the COVID post column in Ontario,

We have n’t even got rid of the COVID-19 pandemic and its long-term economic losses , And there are already media calls for reducing more public services. It is true that during this lock-up period, many jobs have passed and are still in a state of interruption, and these employees have been sent home. But it is also true that many people are not in areas that provide critical services that are almost invisible to the public.

The recovery will be long and difficult, and the people we need most are the same civil servants as the guests.

I must pay tribute to Doug Ford for his excellent management of the incident during this crisis. I sincerely believe that his cautious and rational recovery attitude will not rush to restart the market, which provides us with a good opportunity to avoid the second wave.

But if you want to save real money, the place to start is to get rid of political trouble. Promote actions such as "drink beer", commend daily full-page advertisements for health care workers, spend more money in Ontario to counter carbon taxes, change license plates from white to conservative blue (and then change), and Hope to change all ambulance lights from red and white to red and blue.

Do n’t cut the services that Ontario people often use, but they will use them unknowingly, and more services will be urgently needed in the coming months and years.



(a very reasonable language of wisdom.)

Light Rail Elephant

Has Ottawa ’s Light Rail become a big elephant? Thanks to COVID-19, no one wants to take public transportation, but rather separates the car safely. Researchers believe that New York has been hit so hard because it has a high population density and relies on subway travel.

The first stage of LRT, before COVID happened, was a disaster that drove many people to drive to work. COVID-19 is strengthening this trend. Perhaps the city should slow down and save billions of dollars that could be wasted on Light Rail Phase 2.



(that ship is already sailing.)


Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) recently announced that the government will provide 4.7 Billions of dollars, this does not seem strange. Talk about increasing the hands of traditional liberal voters.

He just bought the East Coast Fisheries votes with our money. This person has no conscience.



(fisheries have been in trouble for many years.)

good feelings for the trump card

Reply: Shape up, WHO, still no cash: Trump, May 20

praised the Commander-in-Chief for telling the World Health Organization that China operated the shipment or that the United States would permanently cut its funds. The group stifled the talking points of the Communist Chinese, but failed to respond appropriately to the world regarding the extreme danger of coronaviruses.

Negotiating money and seeking the World Health Organization to start keeping distance from rogue countries, otherwise it will be a distant memory. Sadly, our government has never dared to criticize this institution so as not to offend Beijing ’s partners.



(blame everywhere.)

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