What “freedom” really means for American gun protesters

Shannon Gormley: In their view, freedom is a freedom that threatens others. They want to do what they want, and they want to do it whenever they want, but they want to do it.

On a rainy day in late April, a democratic country that was once ruled by a man, a lunatic who could prove his identity, offered senior positions to his simple children because he wanted it and because he had his own desires The woman robbed him because he was willing, he used the highest office on the land to enrich his gorgeous hotel, and indulged his greedy friends, because he wanted to threaten, because he wanted to threaten the press, the Mexican people, and his politics The opponent and his ex-wife, because he wanted, he applied gold paint to his MDF furniture and orange cover on his face, because he wanted to lie after lies after lies, his lies were nothing more than because He thought that in the global pandemic, the same lunatic ’s dizzy inaction led to more people in the world dying of the country ’s virus than anyone else in the world—the day the armed forces militia drove up to the Michigan state government building and swept The visitor's gallery, and walking on the balcony, as the legislator sat below, the assault gun was waving.

Their request: No matter what others want, they can do what they want. They claim that what they want is "freedom".

Their request was a response to Trump. Trump wrote on Twitter last month: "Minnesota Liberal Party." "Free Michigan." "Free Virginia." Everyone has a Democratic governor; everyone has orders that are not at home. But is everyone free? Regarding the female governor, someone in the crowd shouted: “ LOCK HER UP! & # 39; & # 39;

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Freedom: They believe that freedom that threatens others is freedom. In fact, they are threatening freedom. They want to do what they want, they want to do when they want, but they want to do it, this is the key: this is not what they want to do. Although others may Be hurt; they want to do what they want because others may be injured. It is no accident that they are scaring people. This is the point. This is what they want. They believe that freedom is taken from them, but must be taken from others. In order to keep their small dry place free, they reduced their fear to everyone else.

Therefore, in and around the Michigan State Legislative Assembly, some people brandished rifles because they believed that they had the rights conferred by God and gave legislators reasonable rights. Fear of being blown up;

Some people threatened to imprison female parliamentarians because they thought they had the rights granted by God, allowing black people to be lynched. Make women have a reasonable fear of various ways of retribution. Everyone flocks to public places because they believe that they have the rights God has given them to make others, their own society, their own countries and other regions have a reasonable fear of deadly viruses.

Their allies are natural. Gunmen, white supremacists, villains, pandemic deniers-everyone believes that controlling the power of others is their inherent right, and freedom has the ability to exercise power without restraint. They believe that this is an arbitrary freedom, a freedom that can intimidate others, a freedom that is not suitable for everyone, if a person is the right self, it is not a person ’s freedom, that is, a kind of no Freedom is just a hierarchy in which the cruel free oppressor and the oppressed are trapped. In this hierarchy, rule and conquest are reasonable, not evil, but the toxic legacy of power's descendants.

This is not to say that there is no freedom to fight for it.

On a summer day in 1964, Fannie Lou Hamer from the deep south was black and was a The woman, suffering from polio, had to pick 200 pounds of cotton a day when she was 12 years old. Although she wanted to go to school and she wanted to have a baby, she underwent sterilization through an appendectomy in Mississippi. She had an adopted child, but she was refused admission and died because her mother was black. The literate infertile cotton-picking women are well-known for wanting to vote, the latter being expelled from the plantation owner for wanting to vote. She missed the chance of being hit by 16 bullets fired by the Kranzmann because she wanted to vote. The latter was imprisoned because of being voted. She died because all she really wanted was for her people to vote-that day, she walked to the table of the certificate committee. The Democratic National Assembly sat on a chair, carrying only her neat white handbag, and told most of the content to the TV audience.

Then, a famous president of a democratic country took over the radio wave, so she would not vote from what he wanted, but to be voted by the white representative of her state, but a few years later, after all, not a few years ago, she had In this way: "Only after everyone has freedom, can anyone be free."

What these people want is not Liberty.

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