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Music legend Van Morrison said on Friday that he recorded three "protest songs" against the British government's coronavirus lockdown measures, and reportedly accused scientists of "fabricating distorted facts."

The Northern Irish singer-songwriter will release new tracks every two weeks starting from September 25th, which are "Born for Freedom", "Follow Me Out" and "No longer locked in".

"Morrison clearly stated his unhappiness in his new song. On the website announcing the release of the record, he said: "He deprived him of personal freedom by the government.

In the record trio, the musician sang: "No more government intervention/No more fascist bullying/disturbing our peace."

He sang another song: "No more taking our freedom / Our God is empowered / Pretending to be for our safety / When it is truly enslaved.

Morrison also claimed that scientists were "fabricating and distorting facts to justify the restrictions. The BBC

Morrison said in a statement that he "did not tell people what to do or think."

"The government has done a good job in this area.

"It's about freedom of choice, I

The "Brown Eyed Girl" singer has caused controversy last month and reportedly urged people to surround Covid -19 performed "against pseudoscience", and then he staged several performances that were isolated from society. He said: "It is not economical to perform long-distance performances in society," he said, and urged the music industry to "fight against me for this."

The UK has always been the country that has been hit hardest by the coronavirus in Europe.

Morrison said that he will appear in the first new song to be played at the Palladium Theatre in London later this month, and will be available for download and streaming. .

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