Van Gogh paintings stolen from Dutch museum due to coronavirus shutdown

PARIS-Officials at the singer Laren Museum announced that a Van Gogh painting was stolen at a small Dutch museum in a wealthy enclave outside Amsterdam on Monday night.

It is puzzling that there is another mysterious coincidence that may not be coincidence at all: Monday, March 30, is the day of Van Gogh's birthday.

This painting-a relatively little-known canvas entitled "Garden of Spring", completed in 1884-has been loaned to singer Laren for temporary borrowing

singer Lalan has collected the American painter William Singer And the collection of his wife Anna Singh, which was closed due to a corona virus outbreak. "The police investigated the case and found no suspects," Jan Rudolph de Lorm, the museum's head, Jan Rudolph de Lorm, said on Monday.

"I am for this Things are very angry. Evert van Os, general manager of singer Singer Laren, said that museum staff were "angry, shocked and sad."

Groninger curator Andrei Andreas Blühm stated that his museum had lent a "garden of spring", the only painting by Van Gogh, which was handed over to singer Singer Laren two months ago. He declined to reveal the value of the painting, but said that the canvas provided a rare glimpse into the artist's early development.

"People often don't recognize the early paintings of the Dutch period before he moved to Paris," said Bromme, noting that the parish depicted in the painting was where Van Gogh's father was a pastor. The garden the audience saw was his father's garden.

"It has a certain record and emotional value," Blume said. "It's intimate."

Although the authorities have not provided many details of the case, research by Dutch art investigator Arthur Brand has led to the restoration of hundreds of works of art, and he says the case appears to be Very suitable

In June 1990, Brande said that Van Gogh's three paintings were "the wife of a sitting farmer", "the wife of a farmer dug out" and "the wheel". "This is the entire work of 1884", stolen from a similar small Dutch museum (the Noordbrabants Museum in Denbos, a small city in central Netherlands).

These canvases were ultimately owned by Brand, the Dutch said that Keith Houtman later tried to use them as a bargaining chip for negotiating with the prosecutor to shorten his sentence. Houtman was killed in 2005.

In 1991, there was also a major robbery at the Van Gogh National Museum in Amsterdam, when gunmen stole 20 paintings early in the morning, but then in a nearby train about 35 minutes later The station discards it. [19659007] The goal of the same museum was 2002, when two other Van Gogh canvases-"Seascape of Scheveningen" (1882) and "The Congregation Leaves the Reformed Church of Neuen" (1882-1884)-were Steal. They later appeared under the hide of Raffaele Imperiale, an Italian hooligan living in Dubai, where Italian authorities are seeking extradition. Like Hotman, the Imperial Emperor eventually attempted to return it with Van Gogh's work in exchange for his shortened sentence for drug trafficking, which he acknowledged despite his absence.

Two stolen paintings after the Imperial Emperor provided the authorities

Brand and Bloom both suspected that the closure of the Singer Laren Museum's coronavirus had somehow contributed to crime: [20169002] Both Rand and Blume suspected that the theft occurred early in the morning, even though the museum was closed during the closure period

"These people are professionals. They did four to five minutes," Brand said, referring to Monday Robbery. "They know exactly what they are looking for-they go straight to the painting.

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