US President Donald Trump wants to reopen the country

US President Donald Trump is willing to reopen the country and claims to have "full authorization", but experts believe that the governors must finally determine when Americans can get out of the coronavirus and return to normal.

] Trump is expected to set up a new working group on Tuesday to study whether the government will expand the federal social distance guidelines by May 1 or seek to reopen the country ’s regions to mitigate the pandemic economy influences.

As the unemployment rate in the United States continues to rise due to a surge in coronaviruses, the President has expressed his willingness to relax regulations in the less-affected states. He admits to balancing goals and avoiding the fear of reigniting hot spots or developing new ones.

Trump described the judgment as unilaterally made by Washington.

Health Crisis Stop Business to reopen

However, his government ’s new social alienation proposal on March 16 was not mandatory. The governor may be influenced by the Trump administration, but it is ultimately up to them to decide to cancel the family accommodation order and open the school. Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said on Sunday that states will not be able to reopen business until the health crisis is regulated. He said on CBS's "Facing the Country" program that earlier than this act was like "throwing fuel into the flames." Murphy pointed out that the economic recovery is "on the basis of a comprehensive recovery of health care."

According to the American Governors Association, more than 40 states have implemented mandatory home stay orders for all residents . [19659002]

In some cases, federal law requires Washington to isolate and restrict travel between states, but the Trump administration has not exercised this power. The efforts of the federal government to intervene in the states are carried out by the Supreme Court. For example, in a 1985 judgment, the court admitted that the FDA ’s regulations on plasma donation centers were invalid because “control over health and safety issues is primarily and often a local concern.”


Influential business leaders in action

These state actions sometimes caused a fire of federal officials. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear confirmed on Friday that mandatory separation will be imposed on parishioners attending Easter events. Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and Rep. Thomas Massey both slammed the governor ’s announcement immediately, saying it was overrun.

Trump's acknowledgment of his willingness to "reopen" the country often contradicts the recommendations of public health officials. . He said that the composition of his second task force may include influential business leaders, which may reflect his latest ideas.

In late January, the President established the Coronavirus Task Force led by Vice President Mike Pence. This group includes some of the most famous medical experts in the United States. These include Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, directors of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It is the person responsible for the coronavirus response in the White House.

The President formed the COVID Working Group

The organization played a role in persuading Trump to expand the social evacuation guidelines early this spring. There is a prediction that the coronavirus may spread to at least 100,000 Americans. Trump abandoned what he recently said was the "ambitious" goal of reopening the United States before the Easter weekend.

When politicians discuss the next steps, the number of people diagnosed with the virus has increased. The number of people who died here continued to increase last weekend. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States has surpassed Italy to become the country with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world. Over the weekend, more than 20,000 soldiers were climbed. In Italy, which was severely affected, the number of virus deaths in the United States is only about one sixth. Or, the proportion of Spain in the population.

Federal alienation suggests mailing to every residence in the country to encourage Americans to avoid groups. It is greater than 10 and runs "when possible", avoiding free travel such as shopping and social access.

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