U.S. Space Force announces its official flag at the White House

The latest branch of the armed forces, the US Space Force, released its official flag. The flag made its debut in Friday's introduction to the Oval Office. Officials of the Ministry of Defense delivered the flag to President Donald Trump at what he said was "a very special moment", and President Donald Trump also signed the 2020 Armed Forces Day Declaration.

According to the White House, the Space Force was the first new service and a corresponding operational mark for more than 72 years. According to General John Raymond, head of space operations, there are 16,000 experts in the military department.

According to the White House, the dark blue and white signs of "American Space Force" and Roman numeral MMXIX (2019)), and display a globe, a triangular arm, an elliptical orbit, a white Polaris, two Small star clusters and three big stars.

The logo created space in the National Defense Logistics Agency.

The concept aims to reflect the vast external environment of the space recess, the earth symbolizes the hometown of space force soldiers. The delta wing demonstrates the power relationship with the US Air Force, symbolizing change and creativity. The elliptical orbit hypothesis indicates safety and collaboration. It is between the agency and the alliance and the white Polaris. The White House said this reflects the continued vigilance of the military.

This flag was created by artists and craftsmen in the flag room of the Philadelphia Defense Logistics Agency. Similarly, in January last year, Trump's approval was granted, and in the same month, the seal of the latest government department was unveiled. Nearly two years after Trump ordered the Department of Defense, the official unveiling ceremony will be held soon. In addition, the Pentagon created a space force. They officially became the Sixth Military Division in December last year. This is when Trump signed the annual defense authorization law into law. In addition, it was announced that Raymond became the first person in charge of space operations.


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