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Twitter faces pressure from users to remove President Donald Trump from its platform. However, the social media giant claims that world leaders have not exceeded their own regulations. Twitter also insisted on its decision to keep some tweets that violated its policies.

The technology giant ’s update was posted in the blog and it ’s unlikely to silence people who require monitoring and supervision of Trump ’s use of social media. Trump's presence on social media has always been an important part of his political strategy.

A few weeks ago, the Democratic presidential candidate and senator Kamala Harris from California called on Twitter to suspend Trump ’s account. The senator claimed that Trump ’s presence on social media put people in danger and democracy in danger.

Last Tuesday, Senator Harris again negotiated with Twitter, saying that the president had used the platform to publicly intimidate witnesses who participated in the investigation of the bomb investment. The senator called for the cancellation of Trump ’s Twitter account because it was a matter of security and corporate accountability.

In June 2019, Twitter announced that it would start tagging tweets from world leaders who violated the platform ’s policies. This includes comments made to prevent harm and abuse.

In accordance with Twitter ’s regulations, rules have been established to ensure that the platform ’s work is balanced-to ensure that tweets that promote misinformation, hate speech and other frustrating content will not spread, and that the public is informed right.

Despite the policy, Twitter failed to mark several of Trump's tweets, but these comments were criticized by both digital gatekeepers and Democrats as inappropriate.

One example is a tweet published by Trump in July involving four members of Congress. colour. The tweet was deemed a violation of the Twitter rules.

Twitter tried to clarify its rules on Tuesday. The platform said it will take the necessary steps to take action on any account involving severe situations, including any threats to users by world leaders.

The company has not implemented its labeling policy. For tweets marked as violations, Twitter will ensure that the material will not spread. As an example, prevent users from forwarding or liking this form of content.

"With global elections and changes in political dynamics, we realize that we are conducting business in an increasingly complex and polarized political culture. These challenges are constantly evolving, and we will always work on policies and methods Provide advice, especially when we further understand the relationship between the tweets of world leaders and offline harm. "Twitter said.

Despite its latest update, critics ’satisfaction is still low. In response to the latest policy, Harris campaign spokesman Ian Sams said: "When Trump uses tweets to threaten, incite violence and intimidate witnesses, [Twitter update] is insufficient." [19659013]

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