Trump’s nuclear weapons have no positive results for the United States

A further accused Russia and China of secretly conducting low-yield nuclear tests in the tension of the coronavirus pandemic, and US President Donald Trump hopes to conduct the country’s first since 1992 Nuclear weapons test.

Trump administration officials and two former officials told the Washington Post that nuclear tests may show the world that the United States can conduct “quick tests” and strengthen the country’s status. Trump seeks a trilateral military and weapons agreement with Russia and Russia China .

Unnecessary demonstration of strength

Trump first pulled the United States away from Russia 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (the treaty prohibits ground-launched medium-range missiles from 500 to 5500 kilometers between). Later, he canceled the 18-year-old Open Sky Treaty (the treaty allowed 34 signatories to conduct surveillance flights on each other's territory to observe military installations). Now, unless China participates in arms control negotiations, Trump will abandon the 2010 new START START treaty, which will expire in February 2021 (the treaty restricts strategic warheads deployed by the United States and Russia).

The United States decided to cancel the moratorium on nuclear testing. Aim to exert pressure on China (Xi Jinping has so far rejected calls for negotiations).

"They discussed underground testing in the context of trying to get China to join the tripartite agreement," a former official said. “Among professionals in the executive branch, this idea is considered infeasible and stupid. NNSA [National Nuclear Security Administration] is definitely not on board.

 Trump’s nuclear test
Trump’s decision to cancel the suspension of the nuclear test is intended to give China exerts pressure. | News Line | DKODING

A terrible idea

Arms control advocates say that conducting nuclear tests will greatly increase the stakes of China and all other nuclear weapon states, and initiate danger during the pandemic Nuclear arms race ]. Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (an organization that won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize), warned that Trump’s nuclear test may “make We are caught in a new cold war." "This will also increase any chance of avoiding the dangerous new nuclear arms race. She will say in a statement.

Daryl Kimball, the head of the Arms Control Association, told " The Washington Post: "Invite other nuclear weapon states to follow suit. This will be the starting gun for an unprecedented nuclear arms race. You will also interrupt negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who may no longer feel forced Fulfill the obligation to suspend nuclear testing. If the current government believes that nuclear test explosions and nuclear marginalization will force negotiating partners to make unilateral concessions, it will be a dangerous strategy."

Eric Goe, Director of National Defense Policy Research, Cato Institute Eric Gomez believes that the United States will resume the nuclear test will be counterproductive while China and Russia will continue to carry out their own nuclear tests: "The United States’ inventory management plan is better than that of Russia or China. It’s much better, we can find out more weapons than our opponents, without testing them. Therefore, an experiment in the United States will reveal to us relatively little unique information, and Russia, which is likely to follow us The tests with China are very valuable to their own weapon designers."

Lasina Zerbo, head of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (the international nuclear watchdog that monitors CTBT), warned Said that the United States’ return to nuclear testing would pose a "serious challenge to global peace and security ": "In general, any action or activity of any country violates the basis of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty." The international norms against nuclear testing will pose a serious challenge to the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime and the broader global peace and security."

Lu and Danger

In response, China has tested Trump’s nuclear tests The threat expresses serious concern and believes that this may undermine a weakly balanced consensus among the world’s nuclear powers. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian reminded Washington: "Although the CTBT has not yet entered into force, the ban on nuclear testing has become an international norm. The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is of great significance to nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and world peace and security. All five nuclear-weapon states, including the United States signed the treaty and promised to suspend nuclear testing.

"The United States has conducted the most nuclear tests. We urge it to assume its due obligations and fulfil its commitments by adhering to the purposes and objectives of the treaty and contributing to the international disarmament and non-proliferation regime, rather than further undermining global strategic stability.

Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Information Technology

at human expense

The White House discussed the possibility of blowing up nuclear weapons in the desert for the first time in nearly thirty years, provoking political views, stupid, Luless and scientific In today’s coronavirus environment, this will make the world less secure. It will certainly inspire Iran to develop nuclear weapons. It will encourage countries like North Korea and Pakistan to continue to develop and test their own nuclear weapons to achieve self-defense. Finally, this will further weaken global non-proliferation efforts.

The retest of nuclear tests may lead to the domino effect, killing Thousands of innocent Americans have been killed and millions of others have been exposed to radioactive radiation. Human-Marshall Islands Radiation Exposure Awareness Shamanda Hanerg, President of the President of the Crusades (REACH-MI) painted a shocking sight: "Our grandparents And the parents suffered the terrible impact of the (US government) nuclear test on our beautiful island. That was 74 years ago. We have not returned to our ancestors’ homes because our land was contaminated with many toxins and poisons that we could not even pronounce. Some of our islands immediately evaporated from nuclear tests.

"We suffered severe burns due to the direct fall of the bomb. We continue to have miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, various cancers, genetic diseases and many other diseases.

Human-Marshall Islands radiation exposure awareness The President of the Crusader (REACH-MI)

] The magnitude of the devastating damage caused by nuclear tests is unfathomable, unimaginable and inhumane. The massive destruction of bombs on our islands has caused us, nuclear nomads… to suffer permanent scars emotionally, mentally and physically.

"We are more courageous and united than ever to seek justice and nuclear disarmament. It is unfair for the people of the Marshall Islands to have the US government even consider continuing nuclear tests."

Watch: Marshall Islands Atomic experiment


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