Trump refuses to comment on disinfectants and takes responsibility for people who ingest bleach


Last week, President Trump responded to the bill by the Department of Homeland Security ’s Bill Bryan on how to fight COVID-19, and he suggested that the body be injected with disinfectant as a treatment . After the speech, there were reports that Americans would get sick after taking bleach.

During his speech, Mr. Brian claimed that bleach could kill the virus in five minutes.

He also said that isopropyl alcohol would kill it within 30 seconds. .

After the speech, the President of the United States tried to summarize some of what he thought was the main point of the speech.

At this time, he made a very controversial proposal,


He said: "Yes, then I saw the disinfectant, it took (coronavirus) from the body Excreted. One minute, one minute, is there a way we can do something similar?

"Injected internally, it ’s almost clean because you see it entering the lungs and working, and doing it in the lungs A lot of work is therefore very interesting to check. [19659004] "So you will have to use a doctor, but this sounds interesting to me, so we will see it."

These comments immediately aroused strong opposition.

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He warned: “Do n’t listen to Trump ’s medical advice.” [19659004] Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland stated that health officials in the state have received “hundreds of” inquiries about the safety of ingesting detergents. Trump proposed new products after presenting this idea last week.

When asked if he was responsible for reports of people taking disinfectant after his speech at a recent press conference, Trump said: “No, I do n’t.”

] However, It is rumored that the President of the United States seems to be more enthusiastic about discussing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who was said to have died during a heart operation.

Trump claimed that he knew the truth of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but could not reveal

Trump responded to reporters ’questions about Kim Jong Il ’s happiness by rejecting the claim that Kim Jong Il was dead.

"I can't tell you exactly. Yes, I do have a good idea." He said.


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