Trump launched an attack on the intelligence community, and national security monitoring fell to a 7-year low: Report – Raw Story The New York Times reported on Thursday,

President Donald Trump ’s war on the intelligence community after his investigation into Russia affected the country ’s U.S. national security surveillance.

Trump attacked the intelligence community with the alleged illegal eavesdropping of his campaign. His campaign was not eavesdropped, nor Trump himself was eavesdropped, but he vowed that former President Barack Obama had eavesdropped on him. It is unclear whether Trump's anger at the FISA order has weakened his relationship with the United States during surveillance.

“According to the latest decryption report released by the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence Agency on Thursday, there are 1,059 such eavesdropping and search warrant targets in 2019 under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA.” times . "The number of such FISA targets has been on an upward trend over the past six years, when investigators used FISA to eavesdrop on average more than 1,500 people each year, including 1,833 targets in 2018, which was the peak during that period." [19659002] The report said that the sharp drop was the most alarming of the latest data released by DNI.

Republicans who once supported such surveillance are now firmly opposed because the investigation of former Trump aide Carter Page troubled them.

"The Times" reported: "A senior official warned not to reduce the number of suspects in the FBI seeking court permission to conduct a national security investigation," it seems to reflect the incident at the time. "This number includes US targets anywhere in the world, as well as non-citizens on US territory like foreign diplomats."

Read the full report in The New York Times .

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