Trump increased the accusation of bias against another host of the presidential debate

President Nick Nizvyadk

associated with Don Jr.'s tweet, writing: "She has been terrible and unfair, like most "Fake News" "Same as a reporter, but I still play games, people know! What's the situation with Steve Scully?

The article emphasizes that Welk’s parents have reported to Democratic candidates (including Biden and Trump’s former opponent Hillary Clinton) and her former Democratic registered Democrats donated thousands of dollars.

An NBC spokesperson said that since registering to vote in Washington, DC in 2012, Welk has not had any party affiliation Affiliation, and pointed out that a comment made by Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller earlier this month called the White House reporter “very fair” and “a very good choice” as the host of the debate.

Saturday night At some point, Trump continued to attack Welk at a rally in Wisconsin, sarcastically calling her "one of the anchor points without prejudice."

Trump also mentioned in his tweet that Steve Scully, a long-time C-SPAN anchor, was supposed to preside over the second presidential debate, but Trump is protesting against Covid. -19 was canceled after exiting due to format changes at the time of diagnosis.

Scul ly was suspended indefinitely on Thursday after he admitted that he falsely claimed that his Twitter account was hacked because he sent it to former Trump The news of assistant Anthony Scaramucci began to arouse the anger of Trump and his allies.

Trump often referred to the media as "the enemy of the people" and repeatedly criticized the referees who challenged him in recent primetime television events, usually A reporter or host of the news media.

In addition to Scully, the president also publicly Sav passed Savannah. Guthrie held an NBC town hall meeting on Thursday to replace the heated presidential debate.[19659010]-Advertising-

At a rally in front of the city hall, the president claimed that he was being "placed" and relocated

and Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel Chris Wallace, in charge of its flagship Sunday news program, has always been a notorious relationship between Trump and his Soviets. Since he presided over the first presidential debate last month, many people have begun to risk the anger of the people.

Trump also besieged the nonpartisan institution that oversees the presidential debate, and he and his supporters claim that there is no

scheduled 90-minute final presidential debate is scheduled for October 22 at Bell in Nashville, Tennessee Mount University is held.


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