Trump embraces unproven drug for coronavirus ignores science

At a lengthy White House briefing on Friday, President Donald Trump enthusiastically reiterated his promise of two long-term malaria drugs that have not yet been tested for coronavirus, but are in clinical trials carry out testing.

"I" I'm a smart person, "he said, while admitting he couldn't predict that the drug would work." I feel good about it. We will see. You will see soon.

However, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading U.S. infectious disease expert, withdrew weakly and vigorously from the same stage and explained that there was only anecdotal evidence that these drugs chloroquine

"The president is optimistic about something, It feels like that, "said Fossie, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who emphasized that he is a scientist." I mean it might work.

Trump's fanaticism about the drug has heightened concerns among physicians who rely on the drug and doctors and patients with lupus and other diseases, because older malaria drugs are believed to be effective against coronaviruses

"Rheumatics Experts are outraged at the hype of this drug, "said Dr. Michael Lockhey of the New York Special Surgery Hospital. In recent weeks, the drug has been widely circulated on the market and has increased demand. The city does have problems. In fact, every few minutes we get calls from patients who are trying to keep the drug and find it out of demand.

A moment of discord between Trump and one of the nation's most trusted authorities for coronavirus is a conflict between opinion and facts. He has been Ronald Reagan since he became president The scientist at his post, Fauci, has taken a cautious, evidence-based approach that has brought Trump's own intuitive beliefs into conflict with conflicts. Trump seems eager to abandon long-term drug evaluation criteria in favor of him Favorite drugs.

The excitement for drugs is largely based on Chinese and French reports that seem to be helping patients. But researchers and Fauci emphasize that these reports are not based on carefully controlled research, This is the only way to ensure that a therapy really works.

As the potential effects of the drug have spread worldwide, demand has surged

Teva and Mylan, two large generic drug manufacturers, say they are increasing the production of hydroxychloroquine Teva said it would donate millions of doses to the company. The US government. Rising Pharmaceuticals, the only chloroquine manufacturer, also said it was increasing Production. In addition, Germany's Bayer announced this week that it will donate millions of chloroquine pills to the US government and will seek approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the use of its products in the United States.

Hydroxychloroquine is particularly important, Lockshin said, which can be life-threatening for people with lupus. The drug reduces the risk of lupus death and prevents organ damage and is considered a standard of care. If patients stop taking it after long-term use They may gradually become ill. He said that it is particularly disturbing that people who think they have benefited from the drug may not be able to get it because the drug has been transferred to a disease where there is no conclusive evidence that it is indeed effective.

"If there is a reason to take it for everyone, it's one thing," Lockheed said. "Even in this crisis, research is not difficult. We may get the answer within a few weeks.

Dana Olita, 50, of Los Angeles, participated in the contest Thursday and Friday to supplement her hydroxychloroquine prescription, which has been treating rheumatoid arthritis for ten years. Her pharmacist at CVS initially told her that she was unusable; then she was told on Friday that their location was sufficient to meet her requirements. "There are many people who urgently need this, and if we stop taking it, we will be overwhelmed," she said.

A spokesperson for CVS said that the company was "closely monitoring and working on the global pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. .Work with our suppliers to ensure that we can continue to fill prescriptions for pharmacy patients and plan members. "The company said its hydroxychloroquine inventory was sufficient, but said the supply of chloroquine was" tight "and said steps were being taken to address this. One question.

"I hope doctors will stick to science and stay calm. Dr. Percio Gulko, director of the rheumatology department at Mount Sinai Ikan Medical College, said." In some cases, someone prescribes for someone trying to get it. They may simply deprive patients who need it in order to provide a definitive indication for possibility or speculation.

"If it does succeed, we know there will be more demand than ever before. American College of Rheumatology elected president, Dr. David Carp, chief of rheumatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas Say. "We hope our patients have a way to continue using these drugs that they have been taking for years.

Judie Stein of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, said when she heard Trump say what she was using She was shocked by her name. She had been treated for rheumatoid arthritis for two years. Stan, 59, said: "When I first prescribed, no one had heard of it. "She said she had a month supply of medication, and she quickly tried to refill it. She hasn't received confirmation yet. She said," If it's easily available and has other uses, that's great, but when I said I really needed When it does, I need it. "Michael Belmont, Medical Director of New York University's Langoney Orthopaedic Hospital, said that many of his patients with lupus require a 90-day prescription for hydroxychloroquine instead of the usual 30-day prescription.

Noted that hydroxychloroquine is widely used Outside of patients with coronavirus, he said that if a controlled study is used, "it would be a shame if we used it heavily, after all, after that, we can't accurately determine whether it works.

Onisis Stefas The chief pharmacist at 23 hospitals in Northwell Health said the system started stockpiling chlorochloroquine a few weeks ago. He says the drug is giving many coronavirus patients Taken, but Northwell's 10 pharmacies have also reserved supplies for patients who often take the drug for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Worried about the shortage, Stepas said: "It will happen now The thing is, especially since President Trump and others have been bringing up the name, people will go out and ask doctors to write a prescription just in case.

On Friday, Trump seemed to encourage Americans to do so. He believes there is little harm in taking malaria drugs that are already on the market.

"If you want, you can prescribe. You will get a prescription, "he said." You know the expression, what exactly are you going to lose?


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