There are no cases in China, and the virus spreads elsewhere

In China, new coronavirus cases dropped to zero for the first time, but surged in India, and hospitals in Latin America were overwhelmed-in countries with tight lock-in restrictions and countries praised for their firm, early confinement.

The continuation of the pandemic made the authorities work hard to maintain the safety of the people and restore the economy, while disrupting the Memorial Day weekend in the United States and the collective celebrations throughout the Muslim world.

Turkey took the harshest of Eid holidays The blockade measures, Eid al-Fitr began on Saturday, marking the end of Ramadan, and the Husi rebels in Yemen urged believers to put on masks and stay inside when the authorities tried to control it.

In other places, many governments are relaxing Restrictions

According to statistics maintained by Johns, in just a few months, the pandemic has killed at least 338,000 people worldwide and infected more than 5.2 million people. Hopkins University.

In Germany, the virus treatment was praised, and a restaurant in the northwest of the country appeared to have infected seven people. This is the first such situation since the restaurant reopened two weeks ago.

In the southwestern city of Frankfurt, after worshipping the Christian Baptist Church on May 10, more than 40 people tested positive. The office said that a person has been hospitalized.

A person in charge of the church said that the community has complied with all sanitation regulations, but cancelled all gatherings and is now providing services online. To prevent this, the authorities of the nearby Hanau River decided to cancel the Muslim prayers scheduled to be held at the stadium on Sunday.

The new infection is not considered a threat to Germany ’s overall virus strategy. Prime Minister Angela Merkel stated that the country has “successfully

religious events that helped spread this in the early stages of the pandemic This kind of virus is a particularly difficult problem to restore the assembly of believers.

US President Donald Trump called on the governor last Friday to allow the chapel to reopen this weekend.

"I ’m putting the church, synagogue and The chapel of the mosque is identified as a necessary place to provide basic services. "He said.

France allows the restoration of religious services from the beginning. After questioning the government ’s law prohibiting gathering in places of worship, Saturday.

One of the world ’s major pilgrimage sites will reopen on Sunday: Holy The church ’s tomb in Jerusalem, built where Christians believe that Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected.

Latin America is the latest epicenter of the virus, with Brazil and Mexico reporting record numbers of infections and deaths almost every week this week , Which triggered criticism

But in Peru, Chile and Ecuador, infection rates have also increased, and intensive care units have also been inundated, and all countries praised them for implementing early and radical closures and isolation measures.

appeared on Saturday Signs of hope: China, where the outbreak was first discovered late last year, did not report new confirmed cases for the first time.

As Japan reopened, it issued guidelines that require waitresses and other nightlife workers to wear masks every 30 After gargle and disinfect every minute after using the karaoke microphone.

Concerns in India are increasing India ’s new case set a new record on Saturday, and the second consecutive breakthrough of 6,000 locks in the past two months has eased. In recent years, countries with relatively few cases (including migrant workers traveling on special trains) have returned home The number of residents has surged.

Although some countries are facing the second wave of infections, the severely affected Russia is still struggling to deal with the first wave of infections and reported more than 9,000 new daily cases on Saturday.

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