The White House plans to conduct extensive negotiations on new nuclear weapons with Russia

According to informed U.S. officials, the United States plans to prevent nuclear treaties from expiring when it seeks a broader arms agreement with Russia and China.

Officials said that under the plan, the United States will temporarily extend the New Starting Point Treaty while seeking to reach a new tripartite arms control agreement with Russia and China.

The New Starting Point Treaty is the only agreement that exists to limit the nuclear arsenals of the United States and Russia. It imposes restrictions on the number of long-range nuclear warheads and launchers in the United States and Russia. Russia proposes to extend the treaty, which expires in February, but US President Donald Trump insists on negotiating a trilateral agreement with Russia and China.

"The six-month extension is to buy some time for negotiating new things with the Russians and to call on the Chinese to join, which is essentially good. Jon Wolfsthal said:" If you can also ensure that the next government has more room for expansion, then this may be a way to bypass the circle.

Last year, the United States withdrew from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty, accusing Russia of repeated violations. The INF Treaty prohibits the production, testing, and deployment of medium-range land-based cruise missiles and ballistic missiles with a range of 500 to 5500 kilometers. [19659002] "Russia violated almost every agreement we reached with it. Trump's arms control envoy Marshall Billingsley said:" The Chinese violated many of the agreements they also signed. "

December , Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to immediately extend the "new starting point". Moscow described the goal of the tripartite agreement as unrealistic because China has been reluctant to discuss any agreement that would reduce its nuclear arsenal.

It is estimated that China possesses about 300 nuclear weapons. It has various international weapons agreements, but there are no provisions restricting nuclear weapons.

The United States accused Russia of violating the arms treaty on Thursday and said that it will withdraw from the 18-year-old Open Sky Treaty, which allows unarmed surveillance flights between each member country. . Washington cited Moscow ’s efforts to violate these provisions for many years, such as restricting the U.S. overflight to Georgia and the Russian military enclave in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea coast.

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