The US Senate passed a bill sanctioning China to enforce national security laws

On Thursday (local time), the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill to impose sanctions on China to determine its implementation of the controversial Hong Kong National Security Law. Critics believe it will

Another piece of legislation, the Hong Kong Autonomy Law, will impose fines on individuals and companies to help China restrict Hong Kong’s autonomy. The bill was written by Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen (CNN) of Maryland said.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s second motion in Missouri is a resolution criticizing China for violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration granted in 1984. Hong Kong Autonomy.

Measures related to a bill, but did not receive the consent of the Senate. It was still passed in the House of Representatives until President Donald Trump agreed. Trump said last month that his government would revise Hong Kong's travel consultation. Similarly, the State Council was informed that the risk of China punishing national security agencies increased.

Large-scale protests in Hong Kong prevented China from implementing security laws. But Beijing made it clear that law enforcement is "without delay."

According to the regulations, a police force in the former British colony.

The international community has criticized security law. It gave a statement from the leaders of China and Hong Kong. In addition, they have full rights to enforce the law.

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