The US Navy grant exemption allows preferred gender services

Since the military issued a transgender ban, the US Navy granted for the first time an exemption that allows transgender service personnel to serve “with their preferred gender”.

This ban appeared when the bill came into force last year, prohibiting people diagnosed with gender anxiety from joining the army. According to the human rights movement, the largest civil rights organization dedicated to achieving LGBTQ equality, the ban prohibits transgender people from joining the military and prevents those who have already joined the army from changing their genders.

The Ministry of Defense recommends that transgender people can participate, but only if they must comply with the gender requirements assigned to them at birth. The Ministry of Defense may issue an exemption for this requirement. Distress caused by the difference between a person's body and their gender identity is called gender anxiety disorder. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association added this concept to its medical manual to distinguish between diagnosis of degeneration and signs of anxiety about degeneration.

President Donald Trump reinstated the ban

in 2017, through Twitter, President Donald Trump revealed that he will reinstate the ban. It is abolishing the Obama-era policy that is still under final review. At that time, transgender people could openly perform military service. The move shocked the Joint Chiefs of Staff and shocked the military leaders. This included the then chairman, General Joseph Dunford, who did not realize Trump's intentions. Three U.S. defense officials told CNN that this is just a strategy on Twitter.

Despite Trump ’s announcement, a federal judge ruled that the soldier was a man. It must accept transgender recruits, and in February 2018. The Pentagon confirmed that the first transgender has signed a contract to join the US military. However, the proposal was officially released by the then Secretary of Defense James Mattis in 2018. The Supreme Court made the ban effective last year. In June, the House of Representatives controlled by the Democratic Party voted. This is to prohibit the Pentagon from using funds to implement the ban.

An earlier report requested by the Defence Department of Obama from the RAND Corporation. It found that transgender people were authorized to serve in the military.

This is mainly because it is rare. It will have a "minimal impact" on the cost of training and health care.

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