The United States wants the audit to start "now"

The United States stated that it hopes that the World Health Organization will begin a planned independent review of its planned international coordinated action on the outbreak of COVID-19 "now", and the Trump administration has repeatedly criticized the agency,

Admiral Brett Gillor, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Public Services, said in a letter to the UN Health Agency Executive Board meeting on Friday that the United States believes that the World Health Organization can “initiate” preparations such as convening independent health experts Review guide.

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“This review will ensure our response to WHO ’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic The source, the timetable of events and the decision-making process have a complete and transparent understanding, "Giroir is one of the 34 international members of the committee.

Gilroy did not attend the first "virtual" meeting of the board of directors.

Gilroy mentioned a resolution passed by the WHO General Assembly on Tuesday requesting the Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to conduct a “full assessment” of the WHO ’s coordinated international response to the outbreak “at the earliest appropriate time” ".

Tedros addressed the board of directors in this regard and proudly pointed out a long list of WHO actions in response to the epidemic—without directly mentioning the pressure of the Trump administration that Girol emphasized.

"As President Trump clearly stated in the letter to the Director General of Tedros on May 18, Girol added."

"We applaud the call for a fair, independent and comprehensive review To waste time to make reforms that ensure that this pandemic does not happen again.

Trump warned in the same letter that unless the United States promises to make “substantial improvements” within the next 30 days, he will freeze forever US funding for WHO.

He repeatedly criticized the World Health Organization ’s early response to the epidemic and praised China, while Trump ’s response to the United States ’largest epidemic in the world was criticized.

Ji Giroir showed a more determined diplomatic attitude when he issued the statement, saying that the United States was "encouraged" by the preliminary review conducted by the WHO Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee from January to April.

"We further thank the World Health Organization for granting the resolution to investigate the origin of (Coronavirus), and we believe that researchers and medical practitioners around the world will have Ability to pursue vaccines and other countermeasures Giroir writes.

Girol said that the United States may see this signal on the timetable. He said that the World Health Organization meeting held this fall "must discuss the results of the review process and the lessons learned from it." Pandemic response.

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