The United States returned to China, claiming to donate a ventilator to Russia – Raw Story

The United States said on Wednesday that it will donate 200 ventilators to Russia to help Russia cope with the coronavirus pandemic. A week after high-profile shipments in Moscow, the United States changed the table.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the shipment by posting an announcement on Twitter: "The United States is donating 200 U.S.-made ventilators to the Russian people to help fight COVID-19. [19659003] "We have provided more than 15,000 ventilators to more than 60 countries / regions and continue to be a global leader in contributing to this pandemic.

The State Department did not immediately respond to questions about whether and when the goods will be shipped to Russia.

The image is strikingly similar to the pictures released by a batch of goods released by Russia to New York on April 1, when New York was the main The epicenter was seeking to establish a closer relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin (Donald Vladimir Putin) President Donald Trump (19659002) praised the shipment "very good.

praised Russia ’s “high-quality items” when Trump stated that he was “not

but the State Department was in conflict with Russia, saying that the goods were purchased rather than donated, and the equipment itself was later questioned.

Russia recently stopped using it.

The US authorities stated that the Russian-made fan was sent to New York and New Jersey, but as a preventive measure, Russia has sent it back to the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a preventive measure in Russia.

A safety investigation was conducted.

An agency spokesperson said that because the United States does not have this demand, it has never been used.

The U.S. authorities are concerned about the serious shortage of ventilators at the beginning of the ventilator. Crisis, but after production has increased, Trump has been talking to many countries about buying them.

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