The top Democrats call the new census workers “extreme parties”

Orlando, Florida-The Democratic House of Representatives of the Supreme House of Representatives said on Tuesday that the U.S. Government Census Bureau had added two new staff members to its top position. Practices. 19659002] In a press release on Tuesday, the Census Bureau announced that Nathaniel Cogley, a professor of political science at Tallton State University in Stephenville, Texas, was appointed deputy director of the policy department, Adam Kozenevs Ji had worked in the field of census and had military experience, and was selected as a senior adviser to the deputy director of the policy department.

Carolyn B. Maloney, chairman of the U.S. Oversight and Reform Commission, called these people an "obvious guerrilla alliance" and said that their appointment was an attempt by President Donald Trump to The agency is politicized, and it has not previously tried to add citizenship issues to the agency. 2020 census. The Census Bureau is currently conducting a ten-year inventory of every US resident.

"The decision to create two new senior positions in the Census Bureau and let them serve as political personnel is another unprecedented attempt by Trump. The government will politicize the 2020 census," Maloney said in Said in a statement.

Steven Dillingham, director of the Census Bureau, said that these people will help the bureau to complete the census, which helps determine the US$1.5 trillion in federal spending and how many congressional seats each state receives. The Bureau did not comment further.

"Recognizing that our data collection is becoming more and more complex and relies on new technologies, innovations and reforms, so we must consider the needs of the public, private and non-profit sectors, Dillingham said.

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Mike Schneider, The Associated Press

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