The social distance of hundreds of people without vision

Hundreds and thousands of people completely ignored the rules of social alienation, and instead favored gatherings in tourist hotspots in the United States, and the venue and the people of the gathering caused strong reactions online.

Photos and videos taken on Lake Ozarks this Saturday showed Missouri with dozens of boats cruising through the water, while the crowd celebrated the warm weather by dancing, swimming, and drinking water.

Every year people gather on the weekend of Memorial Day in the country. Although the pandemic continues, this year is no exception.

19659003] Videos from wild parties show hundreds of people swimming in the pool and standing in celebration.

No one seems to care about keeping enough space between each other in the lens.

Photo sharing from KSDK News ’s Colin Jeffery to ’ s Twitter show shows that the crowd is crowded around the swimming pool, completely ignoring a huge sign that requires visitors to stay 6 feet high [19659003] Mr. Jeffrey asked the Camden County Sheriff about the rally that he was informed of the order to allow the police to force a social evacuation.

"The health regulations and committee orders expire when the state opens the backup. The department said that the state certainly has social alienation guidelines, but not everyone seems to follow it very well.

This is in Missouri Governor Mike Parson partially reopened the state and allowed businesses and other restaurants to open their states. Gates.

However, “Everyone and every business in Missouri must comply with social alienation requirements The direction of "didn't seem to attract people's attention.

Videos and pictures of wild parties soon began to spread on social media, and by Sunday morning, there was a wave of" Lake Ozark "on Twitter.

Social media users expressed disappointment at the scene, attacking people at parties and places that ignore health and safety.

There are more in the United States, with more than 1.6 million confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 96,000 deaths. [19659003] Although President Donald Trump is the country with the highest number of deaths in the world, he is still actively fighting for

he plays golf on Saturday, which is the first round since March 8. He sent a signal of intent.

The New York Times marked the grim situation of the toll of the United States on Sunday. There is a memorial on the homepage of which there is a front line for the confession of 1,000 victims. Use.

The US economy has cut nearly 40 million jobs this year, and many companies are in trouble. But most states have begun to relax the blockade measures and reopened many public beaches.

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