The Russians voted early on the referendum that Putin’s rule may extend for 12 years-Raw Story

The Russians went to the polling station on Thursday to conduct an early nationwide vote on constitutional reform, which may cause President Putin to continue in power until 2036.

Election officials said they will conduct a poll before the official vote on July 1 to avoid overcrowding and may spread coronavirus infection.

From the Kaliningrad plains of the Baltic Sea to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean, 110 million voters were provided with masks and disinfectant gels from 10 time zones.

The Kremlin

Putin reformed the 1993 constitution in January this year, but they reluctantly postponed the vote originally scheduled for April 22 because COVID-19 infection increased, and officials imposed restrictions.

He insisted that although the referendum was not legally legal, the Russians voted for the change.

Putin "for life"

Opposition candidate Alexei Navalny slammed Putin as a populist method aimed at giving Putin the right to be "elected president"

"This is an unconstitutional coup," he said on social media this month.

Among other changes, these reforms will reset Putin’s presidency limit clock to zero, allowing him to run two more times and possibly remain in the Kremlin until 2036.

According to current regulations, 67-year-old Putin’s term in the Kremlin will expire in 2024.

The opposition movement against reform failed

The rally held in the Russian capital in April was banned from viral restrictions on public gatherings.

The "No" website collected signatures of Russians against reform, but was blocked by the Moscow courts, forcing it to restart under another doma.

Senior political officials also emphasized the importance of giving Putin a chance to continue in power Sex.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin stated that reforms are necessary if the country wants to "guarantee stability and eliminate uncertainty." 19659002] The Russian leader said last week that he has not yet decided whether to seek another term after 2024, but he must choose to extend his term.

"Otherwise, I know that within two years, instead of working at all levels in the state, all eyes are on finding potential successors," he said. "We must work hard, not find a successor."

The revised constitution has been sold in the Moscow bookstore, and in Russia, the vote is a foregone conclusion.

However, Putin is suffering from historical low approval

traditional value

In May, the results of a survey published by the independent voting group Levada in April showed that Putin’s approval rate A record low of 59%.

However, on the basis of resetting Putin’s term limits, these reforms will allow the president to nominate the highest judge and prosecutor for approval by the House of Lords, thereby consolidating the power of the president.

The reform also reflects economic changes, ensuring that the minimum wage will not be lower than the minimum standard of living, and that the national pension will be adjusted annually according to inflation. [19659002] This includes mentioning that Russians, despite their long history in secular countries, are still “loyal to God” and effectively prohibit gay marriage.

These principles are at the core of the conservative and patriotic values ​​system, and are often touted by Putin

The Kremlin wants them to resonate with voters and attract a large number of voters.

The city’s ballots, posters and billboards did not mention Putin, nor did he mention the terms that allowed him to continue in power.

The focus of the movement is on social image, like a child kissing grandmother under the slogan "guaranteed retirement".

The theme of another poster is a Russian family, hoping to "maintain family values". [19659002] (AFP)

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