The problem of salary caps caused by coronavirus could become a bigger problem for Leafs

When the Maple Leaf team slipped out of the ice 11 days ago (seems more like a few weeks later) after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning at Scotiabank Arena, no one thought they could already complete the final as a member of the organization a match.

After traveling in California, he scored 1 of 6 points and only 3 goals. After defeating Lightning, the leaves were in a good mood.

Austin Matthews scored his 47th goal in the early strong matches, tied the score 1-1 in the third quarter, and Frederik Anderson With the support of Andersen's goalkeeper, Toronto appeared with a 2-1 victory, regaining the three-point lead of the Florida Panthers and becoming the third place in the Atlantic Division. [19659002] After five games the next night, the National Hockey League suspended during the regular season due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

For the Leafs team going to the unrestricted free agent market, a group consisting of forwards Jason Spezza and Kyle Clive, and guards Tyson Barrie and Cody Cesi (Cody Ceci) believes that after the pandemic, it is likely that the game against Tampa will eventually reach their respective terms with the Yeats.

With the arrival of the 2019-20 regular season and the status of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs-it is said that everything is on the table.

So far, we haven't told us how much the salary cap of the 2020-21 season will be after the return of NH-21. According to forecasts at the end of the general manager meeting held in Florida two weeks ago, the cap on wages in the United States this season will be $ 81.5 million, which will increase to $ 84 million to $ 88.2 million.

Using data shows that the Maple Leafs committed $ 77 million to 17 players (including goalkeepers Anderson and Jack Campbell) between 20 and 20-21, which could be a bit of a hassle for the Maple Leafs. From the website Four restricted free agents with varying degrees of importance-forward Ilya Mikheyev, defender Travis Dermott and forward Frederick Gauje ( Frederik Gauthier and Denis Malgin-looking for new contracts.

Throughout the season, Dermot found his foothold after experiencing some inconsistencies, which stemmed from his absence from the first 13 games after recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, and Gaudi Gauthier is his usual self, bringing energetic attitude to the fourth line every night. Malgin hasn't scored in eight games since his acquisition from Florida, which is not a good thing given his poor shots against captain John Tavares.

The expectation of the past few weeks is that leaves will not include Barrie and Ceci in future plans, when there is no idea that the salary cap may increase in 20-21 years.

In the best case, Leafs will find a way to re-sign Spezza and Clifford. At the age of 36, Spezza, after signing a one-year contract for the one-year minimum league last summer, absorbed everything he played in his hometown and quickly became a popular teammate.

More importantly, Spezza found a niche market on Line 4.

The sturdy Clifford provides physiological elements that leaves do not have and will benefit from it in the future. Locals in Ayr, Ontario, were happy to wear Leafs sweaters after being acquired from Los Angeles on February 5.

If the cap remains at $ 81.5 million, or if the cap remains the same, General Manager Kyle Dubas will face challenges. Meet the original expectations. Looking ahead, two indispensable players-Anderson and winger Zach Heyman-will be unrestricted in 2021.

May be one of Kasperi Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson or Alex Kerfoot, with a total salary of at least $ 3.2 million per person

One positive thing is that we are just guessing.

But given concerns about the spread of the coronavirus and the time it takes to level the curve before professional sports participation

DUBAS 'video plea: Stay at home!

Maple Leafs continues to send correct information.

Morgan Rielly and winger Zach Hyman emphasised the importance of diligently helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus after a video featuring the defender was released earlier this week The company's general manager, Kyle Dubas, proposed it on Friday.

With the help of his youngest son Leo, Dubas talked about the importance of developing a strategy when he was sitting in front of a table hockey game in a 27-second video.

"Just because our season is being suspended does not mean that all of our hockey games and strategy must end," Dubas said. . "But in the near future, everything you do should be done within your own home.

" We cannot stress how important it is for everyone to stay at home. To protect the most vulnerable people in the community and prevent the spread of coronavirus, we kindly ask everyone to stay with your immediate family in the foreseeable future, spend time with your favorite little ones, and develop strategies.

In a video posted on Thursday, Hyman talked about the importance of social alienation. On Wednesday, Rielly took a course on the importance of regular hand washing.

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