The playoff series proposed by the Canucks will go into the wilderness

In 2003, the Vancouver Canucks led the Western Conference Semifinals 3-1, but in the seventh game of a disastrous defeat, he lost to Nogou because of the icy home. Once again, if they meet in the NHL playoffs

"I remember Wes Walz.

This is Ed Jovanovski frankly Summarizing the epic and unforgettable Stanley Cup playoffs, the move was defeated by Vancouver Canucks in 2003.

Leading the Minnesota Wild 3-1 in the seven Best Western Conference semifinals, and Knowing that the seventh-seeded Anaheim Ducks have the same advantage, and will soon top the No. 1 seed Dallas star, the appearance of the first championship of the away team pave the way for optimism.

However, the Canucks will turn crazy to that one Road, suffered a 7th defeat on the home ice and hit the ditch. When Todd Bertuzzi scored 2-0 in the second quarter and easily defeated Wilde ( Wild) on the bench and suggested that the opposition start to book kick-off time, which is both ridiculous and commendable.

Minnesota responded to goals and possible legends four times in a row. After all, Walz is in the series Four goals scored in the game It ’s hard to forget.

On February 19, forward Wilder, Minnesota ’s Wild Fiona, played against the goalkeeper of the Vancouver Canucks during the NHL game at the Rogers Stadium in Vancouver on February 19. Jacob Markstem collided. The Wilds won 4-3 in the shootout.

"We are promoted 3-1 at the speed of our game in the neutral zone, we will separate them, "Ivanovsky, who scored six goals in the playoffs, said." We participated in their game plan, but we were frustrated and started to do things abnormally and stay away from it.

"They gained momentum, and we have no answer. The only time they tried to score was their lack of manpower. But I think the team we own has gone. We have n’t seen Minnesota, but how can you not improve by 3. -1? "

Fast forward, and the current contempt for wildness is softer.

Overwhelmed by the point percentage calculations that allowed the Canucks to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in five years-they would have been absent if measured by standings-in a proposed 24-team competition, it was reportedly expected to receive Approval of NHL players & # 39; 1965, Association Executive Committee.

However, NHLPA subsequently issued the following statement:

“The NHLPA Executive Committee has authorized further negotiations with the NHL.

At the meeting, the 7th-ranked Ganax team will face the 10th Kathmandu, Will be ranked 10th in the field. Once the other pressing issues surrounding COVID-19 restrictions are resolved, the first round of the "Best Five Innings" series will begin in July. The winner will play No. 2 with a seven-game winning streak The seeded Colorado Avalanche, unless the group winner in the form of a three-game winning streak changes the parenthesis in turn.

There must still be an accurate and frequent player testing protocol for the new coronavirus. Security measures are also needed to ease isolation Concerns and financial implications related to escrow and expiring contracts.

Then, only in the absence of Las Vegas can the two hub sites (possibly in Las Vegas and Edmond Dayton) held a playoff game of 12 teams

Minnesota field defender Matt Dumba tried in February at Rogers Arena In the NHL games held, the Vancouver Carnac Bo Horvat (Bo Horvat) was blocked.

Isolation of the playoffs at the hub hotel during this period was the player ’s most concern. Garnax forward cloth Brandon Sutter has a three-year-old daughter and a son, who became two-year-old in August.

"When my father (Brent) played and traveled, this It didn't really affect me. Sartre was eight when he retired. Sartre recalled. "For me, (quarantine) is the first place, which I thought of in the past two weeks. Suppose we played well and entered the second or third round.

"If you have been in the finals, it will be three months away from your family. This is a long process and has attracted the attention of players. When we take a long journey, by the 10th day, you want All you do is see the children.

"The idea of ​​a hub city must have a decision. Maybe we have the opportunity to see the family between the series, where there are so many theories, not yet finalized.

During this period, the Ganaks had reason to be as optimistic as 2003.

They have a 1-1-1 record against the wild this season, but on paper, they are a better team.

They are very healthy. They have the fourth most powerful performance in the league. Their most valuable player is goalkeeper Jacob Markstrom. Their most effective producer and rational voice is leading scorer JT Miller scoring goals this season (27), assists (45) and Scoring (72) set the highest career record and ranked 17th in the league scoring list.

Minnesota striker Alex Garchenjuk and Vancouver Carnac striker Taylor Tofrey compete for the ice hockey match at the Arena on February 19 in Rogers.

He was very excited because the result of two games with the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Hockey Finals was incorrect.

"The playoffs taught you Miller:" There are a lot of things about yourself and the game. It is important to be a sponge, and it is very difficult to do. "You must be very concerned about every game, every game is very important." And you must have a bit of amnesia, and then move on in a win or loss, good or bad play.

"This is what I have accumulated in the playoffs for many years. I am a hot guy, sometimes you ca n’t leave you in the playoffs. When we insist on our plan and identity, we have proved us It is a very strong team.

Miller also ranked second in the NHL confrontation rate this season (59.2), while Jay Beagle ranked third (59.1), Bo · Hor Hort (Bo Horvat) ranked seventh (57.3). The Canucks team ranked second with 52% efficiency.

They also have the Calder Trophy champion of Elias Pettersson, the Calder favorite of Quinn Hughes and Brock Boeser ’s Former Calder finalist. And on the defensive end, they have the two best blockers in the league, Alex Adler and Chris Tanev, and they ranked third and fourth this season respectively. [19659003] But health may mean postseason wealth. Markstrom, Tanev and Beagle will return, as will Micheal Ferland.

"Well, all other teams should also be healthy," said Jim Benning, general manager of Canucks.We have 10 weeks did not participate in the competition, so it is exciting to stay healthy.

Well, maybe not immediately.

Brock Boeser of the Vancouver Carnac prepares a blow against the Minnesota wilderness at the Xcel Energy Center in January.

"I do feel much better than a month ago," Sutter added. "But you can't really copy skating. There is nothing to like. Everyone will be very rusty. Two weeks (training camp) may be good, but you will need more time to exercise your muscles."

Canucks team There are also four scorers with 20 goals-Jake Virtanen scored 18 points in his career season, and rookie Hughes ranked fourth in defensive scoring. He is also a prisoner card for excellent skating and accurate passing.

However, the wild will not simply turn over.

On January 12, the Ganaks won 4-1 in Minnesota but lost 4-2 in the game on February 6 and made 4- at Rogers Arena on February 19. 3 shootout decisions. Miller led the Canucks with 3 goals in the series, while Horvat had 2 goals.

None of the players scored in the top 50 this season, he will score a 20-point sniper on Zach Parise and Kevin Fiala. Eric Staal ended the season with 19 goals.

At the last meeting, this was a quirky theater and a field textbook.

Markstrom's first shot, he usually looks like a Vezina trophy candidate this season, and the 10th photo is the same. When Jordie Benn was trapped in the neutral zone, Fiala entered the high position 2 to 1 and tore off Markstrom's wrist, wildness began to score.

The second goal was their area and inflation after the Canucks were nailed. The slow line changes allow Wild to quickly enter the O area. Luke Kunin ran wide, his centering skill hit Markstrom, and somehow dripped between his pads. The Canucks made 34 attempts, Hughes tried 5 and 10 times, but it didn't look good.

"There's not much room there, almost no results, and it's poor," Miller said, scoring twice. [19659003] [保存该报价。]

Coach Travis Green ’s biggest concern during the season suspension is to ensure that his players are transferred to the fitness program.

"We want everyone to participate," Ganax's bench boss emphasized. "This is the mental part of entering the routine. Some people find it difficult to confine it to a certain area and go crazy.

" Many people are used to running on a schedule, and we do n’t seem to have enough time every day. Here.

Green played for the New York Islanders in the 1994-95 season, when the lockout was reduced to 48 games.

Whether he was naive at the age of 23, thought he could make a big step forward. When the game resumed, he did not handle the downtime correctly. In 42 games, he only had 12 points (5-7).

"I learned the hard truth," Green said. "My work is not hard enough and the performance is not good.

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