The Lady Gaga PAPER magazine cover shoot has redefined art

Lady Gaga retouched the cover of PAPER magazine, and graduates of Staatliches Bauhaus tore up textbooks and went home. (Screenshot via PAPER Magazine / Twitter)

When the students were seated, the teacher told the class to open their art textbook to page 9. The teacher said: "Art is dead, tear up your book, dear children, look forward to stare at the glory of Lady Gaga, covering PAPER Magazine ."

The children follow the teacher's request do. An overhead projector was there to show the "stupid love" singer on a paneled stage, with countless spotlights outlined on her technical body.

Gaga added a lot to the publication before releasing her first solo album in four years in October 4th, Chromatica .

And art has never been the same.

Lady Gaga collaborated with "Senior Female Pop Singer" to create the Chromatica album.

She invented the auditory function in 2008, so the masses can listen to the "dance of justice", seek content to convey her ever-changing artistic process and the photos taken by Frederik Heyman Have a frank understanding.

All of this is a "transformative" issue of the magazine, essentially Gaga's definition. [1 9659003] This question can be booked here.

Gaga insisted that she "doesn't like futurism" and pointed out: "I have been fascinated with the future for a long time, next? & # 39;

" Then I turned to look at my life. I unlocked everything I learned, and it helped me and hurt me and benefited me a lot.

"Now, [the past] notified me of my work.

" It's like I'm blocked because I'm so fascinated by what's next, what's coming, and the meaning of going forward that I don't know I am already in the future.

"Where we are now, where we are now

In other words, Gaga invented the future. We should bring all the future to this singer, including knowing that the future is her Eagerly looking forward to Chromatica Ball on tour.

Our other future thing is the cooperation between Gaga and "female pop stars", Gaga said, as she has been traumatized in the eyes of the public.

Rumors abound and Twitter says the partnership will be established It will have nothing to do with Ariana Grande.

Gaga explained.

"It is two women who are talking about how to move on and how to be thankful for what they have done."

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