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Stolen cutters, CCTV footage, telephone taps, loose-spoken suspects… This is the famous street artist Banksy painted on the door of the Bataclan Club in Italy 18 months after being stolen in Italy The discovery of the work of (Banksy). [19659002] At 4:00 am on January 26, 2019, three men wearing hoodies and masks brought a cutting tool to Bataclan's metal door.

This is not only an old door, but also an emergency exit for famous Paris music. On November 13, 2015, 90 people were murdered by Islamic State gunmen.

The image with a white crayon drawing is a "sorrowful young girl" to pay tribute to the victims of the Bataclan attack.

Everything is over for a few minutes: According to the CCTV video captured, the thief installed the door of the Citroen van into the back door of the Citroen van, and the license plate of the Citroen has become illegible.

"This is an important investigation of officials," some of whom have already worked, a source close to the case told AFP.

One year later, the police detained the officer, plugged it into a phone located near Bataclan, and followed the route taken by the escape truck, using surveillance cameras to track it.

Three men are suspected of breaking into a DIY shop in the Isere province in southeastern France.

Among the stolen items was a cutting tool, and one of the suspects allegedly broke into Paris.

A connection has been established between the suspect and the theft of Banksy's "Sad Young Girl". The police used wiretap and surveillance to track the recipient of the stolen artwork.

According to investigators' findings, the artwork was taken away.

– It’s like trying to resell the Mona Lisa-

In Italy, this painting was originally hidden in a hotel in Tortoreto, in Abruzzo (Abruzzo). ) Central.

But while the hotel was undergoing renovation work, it was moved to an abandoned farm in San Omelo, about 15 kilometers (nine miles) away.

The owner of the hotel is Mehdi Meftah, an acquaintance of a man suspected of receiving stolen goods, he said the source told AFP.

The police decided to detain the entire criminal gang, but the arrest was blocked due to the coronavirus lockdown.

In a joint operation with the Italian police, investigators caught the "killed in Abruzzo on June 10."

The ensuing propaganda police speeded up the arrest and Nine people were detained in France in the following days.

Two of them were charged with organized robbery from the gang and four other gangs that received stolen goods, including Mehdi Meftah.

At the age of 39, with a bouncing appearance and tattoos, he founded the luxury T-shirt brand "BL1.D", which has 18 carat gold ingots sewn on the neckline. A source close to the investigation said: "His accomplice said that he wanted to keep the door for one of his houses." He was suspected of ordering the theft.

He admitted that attempting to resell this artwork would "extremely his lawyer Yves Sauvayre told the weekly Journal du dimanche that he denied that his client ordered the theft.

" Wanting to sell "Mona Lisa" again is like trying to resell "Mona Lisa". Fait fact. He agreed to walk up the door in order to accept helping old friends. Said the lawyer.

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