The “free marketers” of the White House raised concerns about the price suppression of coronavirus


"The White House people did not participate in the allegation decision, but there was a certain degree of overlap with certain actions required under the DPA, so some coordination was necessary," the source added.

A White House official said that Trump acted quickly to target target accumulators and price fraudsters. The official said: "We have prosecuted some of these scammers. As of early April, we have distributed more than half a million pieces of medical supplies confiscated by price diggers."

The boycott of White House staff was soon The future launch According to people familiar with the matter, the task force. It comes from staff, and a source called it a "free market person", who believed that a large number of people poured in and bought PPE, which shows that the free market is effectively transporting materials to where they need to go. The principle of a free market is that market forces play an intangible role, moving goods and services in the most effective way at the time and place needed, and releasing materials that may not have been previously developed. If the price of N95 masks seems to be too high, then this is determined by market conditions. According to this view, government intervention can only make things difficult at best. White House staff expressed concern about the work of the task force.

At the same time, the news media is filled with many stories about how despicable characters robbed hospitals and local governments of property equipment by charging huge lives. According to ProPublica's analysis, the price paid by the New York State government for PPE is 15 times its typical price. The chief financial officer of a New York hospital told the Associated Press that his team had to pay $7 for masks, which usually cost only 50 cents. For some hospital systems, this pandemic also brought a serious financial crisis.

The White House usually has limited knowledge of the daily work of the Ministry of Justice. But Justice Department officials discussed the work of the ad hoc group with the White House, partly because they did not want to initiate criminal proceedings against potential defendants who had obtained approval from the US government for their actions.


Some White House and Department of Justice officials disagree on how to use an important legal tool called a “distribution order”, which causes US government officials to force dealers to charge dealers at prices that officials consider reasonable Sell ​​PPE, they pay later, one of each source. The source said that some White House aides wanted to pay the sellers the prices they requested when using the distribution instructions, even if these prices seemed too high. One participant said that the Ministry of Health and Human Services has the authority to issue distribution orders, but in fact the White House decides whether to issue distribution orders.

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