The false cure of Covid-19 touted by the presidents of Brazil and the United States.

The symbolic grave on Copacabana Beach Photo source: Dado Galdieri, The New York Times

Coronavirus (Covid-19) swept Brazil. More than 41,000 people have died. Brazil has more deaths than any country outside the United States. The number of daily deaths in Brazil is now the highest in the world.

Brazilian President Jal Bolsonaro said that there is a magic drug on hand. He shouted supporters loudly: “God is Brazilian, the cure is here!

The drugs he was talking about were hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine.

President Trump also promoted these two drugs.

Now, the US government says it is revoking emergency authorizations for drugs peddled by Bolsonaro and Trump. It said they were "unlikely to be effective."

Bolsonaro and Trump often disagreed with their government.

Experts say that unproven remedies are one of the reasons Brazil is currently facing a health crisis.

Bolsonaro has ordered the armed forces to mass produce these two drugs. He ordered large quantities of drug raw materials from India.

A scientist said: "The decision is not based on facts." "Bolsonaro has invested huge amounts of money in a potentially ineffective operation.

Brazil saw the first case of coronavirus in February. To In June, Brazil handled more than 828,000 cases. It is second only to the United States. Brazil has months to learn from other countries. A few months to prepare for this pandemic.

But Bolsonaro Mr. led the country on another path. He undermined the isolation measures taken by the governor. He encouraged mass gatherings and eliminated the danger of the virus. He said it was “quite cold.” Like him, he had a “sport background” People will not have serious complications.

The government tried to stop showing statistics for certain coronaviruses. Brazilians do not have official statistics on the epidemic. The Brazilian court resumed these reports.

President Bolsonaro will The virus and its treatment are regarded as politics. The two health ministers left. The new health minister is a general without medical experience. He is encouraging doctors to prescribe unqualified drugs for Covid-19 patients.

Trump The President said that the United States is donating 2 million doses of this drug to Brazil. He hopes to use it to "treat infected Brazilians."

The United States and Brazil are among the world’s foremost in the number of people infected with the virus. Presidents of the two countries Are promoting treatment that most health professionals refuse.

Source: The New York Times, June 13, 2020

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