The Department of Homeland Security claimed that China did not disclose the COVID-19 crisis to store masks-it still cannot explain Trump ’s inaction-Raw Story

The Ministry of Homeland Security issued a report saying that China deliberately postponed notification of the coronavirus to the World Health Organization because they wanted to store masks and ventilators.

The report was first published to The Associated Press but Politico ’s Betsy Woodruff Swan pointed out that the claim had only “moderate confidence”.

The report states: “We further evaluate the Chinese government ’s attempt to disguise its actions by denying the existence of export restrictions, confusing and delaying the provision of its trade data.”

This is an interesting statement, as many cover up bidders from China.

However, in the United States, President Donald Trump tried to ban the import of masks from China.

"A deal is no easy task. The New York Times reported in early April that the increasingly fierce relationship between Washington and Beijing sent Chinese-made masks to American clinics and hospitals The efforts have become more complicated. "In the past few days, the global business of air cargo shipments around the world has collapsed, which will make it both expensive and difficult.

"This is just a lunatic asylum," said Michael Crotty, a textile broker based in Shanghai. "Wealth can make ghosts grind. The factory knows one thing: What is in my bank account? When will it be there?

According to the US Department of Homeland Security report, they saw the ard product problem in January. [19659002] "According to the report, in January, China's imports of surgical masks increased by 278%, imports of surgical gowns increased by 72%, and imports of surgical gloves increased by 32%," Woodruff Swan said "At the same time, it cut its global exports of many medical products: surgical gloves decreased by 48%, surgical gowns decreased by 71%, masks decreased by 48%, medical ventilator decreased by 45%, inserted The tube kit has been reduced by 56% and the thermometer by 53%.

If we know that China is doing this in January, it is unclear why the president still insisted that there was nothing wrong throughout February, and the coronavirus is nothing more than influenza. Trump's own CDC warned in February that the virus is dangerous. Trump did not issue social alienation recommendations until March 16.

The President tried to blame China for the COVID-19 epidemic, but Trump took action and estimated that he could save thousands of lives.

An editorial published by an epidemiologist in The New York Times estimated that if Trump issued a social alienation policy two weeks ago, it would have prevented 90% of coronavirus deaths in the United States. If he formulated these policies even a week ago (that is, March 9), so far, the death toll of up to 67,000 people could be reduced by 60%.

As the conservative Max Boot explained, even if China did not perform well and did something wrong, -19 outbreaks of COVID broke out at the end of January. Why Trump downplayed the virus in February and refused to lock the country until mid-March remains an open question.

Read the full report on Politico.

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