The Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden apologizes

The Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden was in damage control mode when he said to African Americans "not black" (if they considered voting for him as Donald Trump). Last Friday, in an interview with the famous black radio host Charlamagne Tha God, Gaffe announced that Biden had publicized his influence on black voters.

Later, Mr. Biden regretted the comments of "Knight". Black votes are the key to Biden's nomination. Mr. Biden, 77, emphasized his close connection with the black community in an 18-minute interview, recalling his decisive victory in the South Carolina presidential primaries this year, where more than 60% of democratic voters Is African American.

The presumptive candidate for the November election also “guaranteeed” that he wanted many black women to serve as vice president. He also promised to select a woman to join him on the Democratic ballot. At the end of the interview, the campaign assistant interrupted that the former vice president had no time.

Mr. Biden attends the interview

Shalaman encouraged Mr. Biden to be interviewed again and said he has more questions.

The national federation Charaman Breakfast Club program attracts more than 8 million listeners every month. Joe Biden has just embarked on the live racial identity wire in American politics. So far, his reputation among black voters has been rock solid. Hopefully the phone line on Friday will not take any measures to change it on its own. But the Trump campaign will make them happy, even if they can cut the fragments. This is Mr. Biden ’s support, especially in the main electoral states. Like Wisconsin and Michigan, the indifference of black voters hurt Democrats in 2016.

At the end of an interview, Biden ’s loss came. Someone asked if he liked Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. This is about his running partner, he is a black woman. He was angry and turned to dangerous script instructions. In addition, his choice may depend on someone like Ms. Klobuchar, who has Mr. Biden ’s pragmatic political views. But if Friday's scuffle is still in effect, he may feel forced. Choose black female candidates, such as Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams. Only to clean up the chaos he created.

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