Temporary Migrant Workers Free from Border Ban

Written by Lyonel Doherty

This is bad news, and then after COVID-19, it is good news for Okanagan's fruit growers.

Initially, growers were very concerned that they would not be able to obtain temporary

Glen Lucas, general manager of the British Columbia Fruit Growers Association (BCFGA), said that tourists from other countries were prohibited, including 4,000 foreign workers from Mexico and the Caribbean

But federal public safety secretary Bill Blair announced on Wednesday that temporary foreign workers would be exempted from the ban and allowed to enter Canada after 14 days of isolation.

19659003] "The announcement is reassuring, but there are still many details that need to be resolved," Lucas said.

He added that BCFGA understands the situation with COVID-19 of the government's "strict health protocol for a smooth curve".

He pointed out that there are some possibilities for unemployed people to work on the farm. But he added that BCFGA does not want to increase the risk of disease transmission.

Cannot comment with BCFGA President Pinder Dhaliwal.

According to Blair's instructions, foreigners and temporary foreign workers holding work visas

The Agricultural Producers Association (UPA) relishes that exemption rules saying that blocking foreign workers from entering Canada would be disastrous for Canada Consequences, despite the closure of the border, will still be able to enter Canada. Canadian agriculture.


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