Techo-Bloc Inc.-Canadian business

Combination of old and new technology (changing new technology)

Techo-Bloc paving stones for everything from the terrace to the pizza oven (courtesy of Techo Bloc Inc)

The word "brick" is only for The injustice created by Techo-Bloc. "Technically, we are manufacturing, but in reality, we are innovating and designing," explained Nancy La Rocca, co-founder and vice president of slab and paving stone producers in Montreal. She was immediately interrupted by Charles Ciccarello, president of Techo-Bloc: "This is not a brick, but beautiful!" Naturally, they will also get married.

"He is a visionary and I am a curator," said her husband and business partner La Rocca. Ciccarello was also a child who worked with his father. He learned garden trade from an early age. His father later opened a distribution center that sold pavers and retaining walls. "Although I worked there, because it was actually difficult to keep up with the sales we made for others, I dreamed of opening my own stone."

But in 1989, it was his new wife. (Borrowing a good money from his father-in-law) Imagine better bricks and believe they are the ones who made the bricks. (La Rocca won't praise the idea, but it's safe to say that Techo-Bloc wouldn't have existed without her.) "When we started, they were mostly square and rectangular, and nobody was excited about it," she said. "We are starting to try to redefine our products as truly beautiful products. We want to inspire architects, engineers, designers and housewives to try our products and make their own." They opened a store in fashion-forward Montreal, and Starting with interlocking ceramic-like stones, chic colors and delicate finishes have turned masonry from trade into art. Ciccarello said: "Like designer clothes, we bring fashion into this industry."

Thirty years later, Techo-Bloc's product catalog-a nearly 200-page glossy book with many Fancy pools and lush gardens can be used for travel magazines. With over 2,000 different paving stones in different styles. They are a mix and match that can be used to build trails and patios, as well as fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens. Techo-Bloc products are stocked by independent retailers and sold directly to contractors; the Techo-Bloc website even lets you insert postal codes to complete a list of local tough guys under the "Techo-Pro" program.

700 employees work in 8 manufacturing plants in 80,000 square feet-three in Quebec, five in the southern border of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois. At the same time, the rapid digitalization of the industry is both a blessing and a curse. "Technology is progressing so fast that people are constantly struggling to keep pace," Ciccarello said. He will spend a lot of time and money training employees so that technology can overtake them next season. It's a frustrating experience for the average person, but Techo-Bloc goes to great lengths to help you: "We encourage employees to take courses and classes, and of course pay for them so they can learn. La Rocca says

Interestingly, millennials now account for 40% of Techo-Bloc's surprisingly young employees. They bring a passion for the environment and sustainability, and endless new ideas. For example "Pervious pavement" is Techo-Bloc's recent solution to excessive rain runoff caused by larger and more frequent storms. The pavement simulates natural soil, rather than letting water flow into a drainage ditch, but letting runoffs penetrate. , Techo-Bloc produced a funky YouTube video, one of hundreds of HGTV-style short how-to clips, such as "How to Build a Barbecue Island" and "How to Build a Linear Gas Fire Pit" that hyped up their new product , Watched by the younger generation with over 3 million views. At least in their homes, products that appeal to the next generation work well. Their Daughter Jessica (Jessica) was their son Bobby is the director of marketing development director Techo-Bloc's; when the youngest daughter Karina (Karina) is not in college, part-time in the family business personnel department [19659009].

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