Steven Pressley rethinks Scotland's day when Dick Advocaat shocked Dutch superstars

STEVEN PRESSLEY insisted that the Dutch's dissent was enough to convince Scotland that they could win an incredible victory in the last Hampton playoffs.

Elvis and Lee Wilkie are in the heart of the defense, Elvis The Dutch side arrived in Glasgow in November 2003, boasting Patrick Crovett with an admirable armoury, Lu People like De Van Nistelrooy and Edgar Davis.

It is expected that Dick Advocaat's charges will be won in the first round and then the job will be completed in Amsterdam. Book their place at the 2004 European Cup.

McFadden teetered and became the sole goal of the game.

In contrast, the loser of Berti Vogts turned around for a defensive heroic display and won a 1-0 victory over the strike of James McFadden.

] This is a brave move on the heroic Hampden, and in a happier case, it should have been a ticket for a conflict against Israel scheduled for Thursday.

Scottish rse crashed to the ground in the second round of Arena A in Amsterdam, succumbing to a 6-0 blow-despite all that, Pressley still has fond memories of that unforgettable afternoon on Mount Florida.

"There was a certain degree of turmoil in the Dutch camp at that time, from their own country to the players' feelings towards them were ominous," the former Celtic and Red Star star recalled. "It feels like they have too many opinions, too many individuals.

" We definitely have a feeling that we can get results, and in other games we have performed exceptionally well against Germany in Germany and know that we have the ability to win victory.

"When you look back at the quality and experience of the players they have in the team, the scale of achievement has really reached its limit. As a collective, we limit them to very few opportunities. This is to deal with some of the world's most Real teamwork with good players.

"I remember Bertie [Vogt] assigning Christian Daley to play directly with [Patrick] Kluivert, who fell into the abyss and made Krugivert (Ruud van Nistelrooy) Starving ammunition. Belty has a very good tactical plan.

"We sank deeper, without letting them fall behind, and it took our time."

With the help of Presley, Wilkie and Daley, Van Nistelroy, K. Both Luivert and Mark Overmars were successfully in trouble-what seemed to be an all-around mismatch-all that was left was for Scotland to find the hero on the other end.

McFadden celebrates his memorable winner

Pressley is not surprised that Everton's young player, McFadden, suddenly appeared after the game with Darren Fletcher once A glorious exchange, recalling Vogts's "Cheeky Boy" who always appears on large occasions.

"It's funny, my son recently watched Scotland [1-0] defeated France at Hampden and asked me on YouTube how great James is." Pressley said with a smile. "My answer is: 'He is absolutely great.

" "I have always hated playing against James McFadden. He will dribble, he will attack you, very directly, and he will get nothing. A nightmare

"His goal against the Netherlands was an excellent corner kick, and this level of invention is just a typical performance of James. During that period, he was a great player in Scotland and was often the one who left fans out of his seat.

"James is one of those who are willing to perform large-scale performances on the biggest stage. Given that he is still so young,

Hampden roar was deafening when McFadden was rippling online, while the Dutch were in After two late efforts to go offline, the atmosphere reached its climax.

Pressley was the first fan to declare that he did not participate in the National Stadium, but in some cases he acknowledged that the air was full of magic.

When the Israeli game finally came to an end, he thought it would be one of those days.

Pressley was the heart of the defense against Ruud van Nistelrooy

. Pressley added: "I am not a strong supporter of Hampden. And, I don't think this is a particularly good stadium, most matcha s atmosphere.

"However, on that day, given the significance of the game and the stadium was full, it was amazing. Hampden will have some special air when appropriate.

" I'm sure, The Israeli tie will be like that, and when it does happen, I believe it will continue to exist.

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