Spiked slurry, cultural wars and coronavirus scams


Deborah Fuqua-Frey is a member of the board of directors of the Washington, DC Republican Party, where he helped organize pro-Trump rallies, he said that the American Auto Workers Union Will "control the results of the 2020 election." This made her feel terrified. She said: "Because nobody knows how to fill the ballot box like the American Auto Workers Union." "Trust me, I am a third generation member of UAW, I know they are always looking for new ways to cheat.

According to Fuqua-Frey said that this was after the failure of the U.K.-inspired bomber Mueller Report, a sinister final attempt to remove Trump. And the most recent Covid- 19 pandemic.

"Once the failed failed, we suddenly infected with this virus, is it not very convenient? She asked, pumping between Winston and her inhaler. "This is the Democratic Party's domestic political terrorism." They exaggerated all these figures, especially the number of deaths. No one can explain why no one died from other causes. Most of these people "died of coronavirus" actually did not died of coronavirus. This is domestic political terrorism. But Trump will be fine. His voters know better.

So, it happened in Ypsilanti on Thursday. At a time of unprecedented turmoil in Michigan, the president paid special attention to Michigan and toured a region of symbolic value in his re-election campaign. Almost all conversations with his stubborn supporters bypassed the dark and conspiracy. Of course, outside the Ford plant there are talks about creating jobs, cutting regulations and veterans. However, most of the conversation was perfunctory, a boastful appetizer before the opening of the red blood that the president chose to serve his base.

For the past decade, the Republican Party has been obsessed with starting from the twilight of George W. Bush to the first term of Donald Trump, I think I have seen everything And heard everything. But this is new. From the president ’s Twitter feed to the speed of its voters ’warnings to warn voters of fraud (especially by mail voting), it can ensure fluctuations in the next five months and the potential volcanic eruption period thereafter.


“This is the most exciting day of my life. Okay, this is the second most exciting day after my grandchildren were born,” Ypsilanti (Ypsilanti ) Paula Stone, a resident, said that after the passing of the presidential convoy. Stone said that tonight, just like overnight, she will watch Fox News and click on the Internet and social media to get information about the president. But she was not particularly interested in the main points of his speech inside the Ford plant.

"I want to learn more about this kind of mail fraud," she said. "I heard that some dark things are falling."


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