SPFL chairman wants top clubs to help bail out lower leagues

Stenhousemuir chairman Iain McMenemy has urged top Scottish clubs to follow the Bundesliga and give up 10% of their bonuses to prevent the team from becoming extinct.

Rangers' European League rival Bayer Leverkusen teamed with Bayern Munich last week. Dortmund FC and Leipzig FC will contribute 18.3 million pounds to Germany's top two leagues.

As the Scottish club faces a financial crisis due to a coronavirus pandemic, McMenimi believes that similar charity actions in the Premier League may protect the league's 30 low-end teams.

Since the league suspended football on March 13, two two part-time players Stenhousemuir have so far received £ 9,000 from the Scottish Football Association and the SPFL.

McMenemy: "My real problem is the funding provided by Scottish football.

" Some people say that the Scottish football authorities have invested 4.5 million pounds, of which 1.5 million pounds were provided by the Scottish Football Association and SPFL provided 3 million pounds.

"This money has flowed out through the normal channel of allocating funds.

" For clubs like Steenhaus Muir, we get only £ 9,000 out of this £ 4.5 million and nothing more.

"The top three (Vip Club) clubs received £ 395,000 (from SPFL) and we received £ 1,350

" When they were talking about this investment in Scottish football, we were sitting on a conference call, This is really frustrating.

"I know this is what we all have.

" The point I want to make to them is that this is the most special case, and we cannot solve it with very ordinary actions.

"We have to treat this differently, not as usual in terms of payment."

McMenemy's own club has won for community efforts to help vulnerable groups during the lockup Praise it and add: "The Premier League alone accounts for 83%, or 83%, of Scotland's total football revenue.

& # 39; If they even say we are willing to take away 73%, this is still very large In part, they can save almost every other club in Scotland. You can save 20 or 30 other clubs with just 10%.

"I see that everyone is suffering and every pound can be a prisoner But other countries have done it, and Germany has done it-they are united and trying to ensure that they get along.

"Everyone comes together in society, but Scottish football is still moving forward to take care of our own interests and the current situation.

" Scottish football must unite and support everyone here, To make sure that when we are ready to play again, all 42 clubs are still here.


McMenemy also called for greater leadership at the top of the Scottish game, especially SPFL CEO Neil Doncaster.

He said in an interview with BBC Sportsound: "We need leadership now We need leaders to take us out of our predicament and make some decisions.

"I understand everything that is happening behind the scenes in negotiating with the broadcaster, but we will have to be hit here, all of us will suffer and get worse; the players will have to take some kind of pay reduction, The club must pay the loss first, and the sponsors must conclude that they will not deliver all the packages this season.

"If we can ensure that we are together and that we can have some sort of leadership, then I think we You can start looking for a way out.

"I'm trying to tell our community and supporter groups from our point of view and tell them what's going on.

" I think the coalition authorities should also release some information regularly.

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