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Spain and Austria allowed partial return to work on Tuesday, but Britain, France and India expanded the blockade to control the new coronavirus, while the United States, which has more than 25,000 deaths, is discussing how to reopen its economy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the infection “surely” has not yet reached its peak.

According to Reuters statistics, nearly 2 million people are infected worldwide, and more than 124,000 people died in the worst pandemic in a century. 19659002] The epicenter has moved from China, where the virus appeared in December, to the United States, which is now the country with the highest number of deaths.

World leaders must weigh health and economic risks when considering containment measures.

The shutdown is causing the US economy to lose $ 25 billion in output every day, President James Bullard of Reser ve, St. Louis Federal That said, it calls for extensive testing and risk management strategies so that the economy can start again.

President Donald Trump announced that he would decide when to lift the blockade. He suggested that some Democratic governors become "traitors" after New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo said he would reject any order that could trigger the epidemic again.

The White House said that Trump will hold a video conference with the leaders of the Group of Seven on Thursday to coordinate the response.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) of the global economy is expected to say that this year's unemployment rate will fall by 3%, marking the worst decline since the Great Depression.

WHO stated that new cases in some parts of Europe are gradually decreasing, including Italy and Spain, but outbreaks have occurred

"Outbreaks throughout the world-90% of cases are from Europe and the United States of America. WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said at a briefing in Geneva. Therefore, we must not have seen the peak yet.

However, because China ’s trade data is better than expected, and some countries have partially lifted the restrictions, As a result, the world ’s stocks have increased.

Some Spanish have been allowed to resume all operations including construction and manufacturing. Shops, bars and public places will remain closed until at least April 26.

Spanish Minister of Health Salvador Illa said on Tuesday that the curve indicates that the rate of growth of the outbreak has flattened. The number of overnight deaths from coronavirus has increased from 517 a day ago to 567 on Tuesday, but the country has reported an increase in new cases It was the lowest since March 18. The total number of deaths climbed to 18,056.

Some Spain People expressed concern that the relaxation of restrictions may trigger a new surge of infections. But for Roberto Aguayo, a 50-year-old Barcelona construction worker, the restart was timely.

"We really need it, just as we are about to eat up. We did n’t get back to work until now, "he told Reuters.

Italy has the second highest number of deaths in the world, with a population of 21,067. The country imposes strict restrictions on impaired mobility, and Denmark is the first to close One of the European countries will open day care centers and schools for children from the first to the fifth time. The grade is April 15.

The Czech Republic will gradually reopen shops and restaurants from April 20, Although people will continue to be required to wear masks.

Thousands of stores across Austria reopened on Tuesday, but the government warned that the country is "not without obstacles."

Austria took action about four weeks ago, Closed schools, bars, theaters, restaurants, non-essential shops and other gathering places. It has notified the public to stay at home.

The high The Republic reported a total of 384 deaths, less suffering than some large European countries every day.

The lock-up period has been extended

The United Kingdom due to its slow testing methods and failure to provide protection in the healthcare field The equipment was criticized, so the fifth place in the UK was

As of Monday, the number of deaths in British hospitals rose to 12,107, but if the death toll in the community is counted, it is expected to be higher. Foreign Minister Dominic · Rab (Dominic Raab) said that when the review will be conducted this week, the locking measures will not be relaxed.

The Times said on Tuesday that Raab, representing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was recovering from COVID-19 infection, extended the time limit to at least May 7.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron extended the virtual penalty zone until May 11th.

India is the second most populous country in the world after China. Its confinement period was extended to May 3, and the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 10,000.

Neighboring countries Pakistan and Nepal also extended their containment measures.

Russia may need to convene troops to help deal with the crisis, President Putin said on Monday. Moscow warns that the capital may run out of beds in the next few weeks.

Heilongjiang Province, a border province in northeast China, received 79 new cases on Monday. Official media said that all Chinese citizens returned from Russia.

As of Tuesday, China reported 82,249 coronavirus cases and 3,341 deaths. There have been no deaths in the past 24 hours.

The health ministers of 20 major economies will speak at a video conference on Sunday to discuss the impact of the epidemic.


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