Seniors Can Visit Support Line During Isolation-Osoyoos Times

The lonely elderly in Osoyoos can now use the new support line. (Pixabay)

Sophie Gray

Local News Initiative reporter

Seniors in Osoyoos and surrounding communities can now use the 211 Senior Support Line to help them during their self-isolation. This feature was previously implemented in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, and received provincial funding to expand its coverage on Thursday, March 26. With the new financial support, the services provided have also been expanded to include grocery delivery, prescription pickup or

the extension of the telephone line of the 211 seniors to focus on volunteers and those in need. The provincial attorney, Isobel McKenzie, said the idea was to have a phone line and a portal to simplify the process of matching volunteers with seniors in communities in need.

"We think we must find a way to bring together people who want to help and people who need help," McKenzie said. "And the easiest thing we know is that if you give someone a 3-digit phone number and then get it out, people will call us."

The production line uses Mai Jian When called "the hub and spoke model." This means that elders or volunteers can dial 211 to talk to the operator, who will note their location and the reason for the call. The operator will then contact one of the 68 "better family" community agencies in the province, which handles the caller's area and takes over the process from there.

McKenzie said in Osoyoos, for example,

The result is, McKenzie said, the result is a network of volunteers who work with older people in their home communities to meet their needs. McKenzie emphasized the importance of helping these elderly people who live alone reduce their need to leave home. This service will provide this service to volunteers to avoid high-risk categories of people from contacting Covid-19.

"If this crisis lasts three to four days, we may not have to do all of this," McKenzie said. "But I think, given what we want to see, we will find that" Don't go out "will stay another four weeks."

Extended services have been discovered, Mackenzie said, she believes Sales will peak next week. She asks people to be patient because she and the team behind Line 211 will try to resolve the situation.

If you are an elderly person in need or a lone orphan, you can call 211 to access the service. Volunteers are also encouraged to call if they wish to register.

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