SD23 teachers and support staff resume work on March 30

Via Peachland View

Moyra Baxter, chairman and trustee of the board, told parents and guardians in a letter sent this afternoon that they will resume work on March 30.

March 30th should be the date of starting school after the spring break. Baxter said that although students will stay at home until further notice, within one week after the spring break, the school community will begin planning off-site learning programs and determine what services they will provide at school.

"It is well known that the Ministry of Education, under the direction of provincial health officials, ordered the suspension of all classroom instruction until further notice. As a school district, we are determining how it works so that students have the opportunity to continue learning. [Baxter说。]

Over the past week, senior board members have been planning school construction to adapt to these unprecedented conditions of safety and health, providing our students with opportunities to continue learning, and how they care for the children of frontline workers.

"We are also considering how to support the most vulnerable students who rely on the school system for many support, including diet plans," Baxter said. "This health crisis has revealed the importance of public schools to the community.

Baxter said the board will communicate their strategy as soon as possible.

From providing food to students to promoting public health measures, our work goes well beyond The classroom.

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