Sandwich officials to Stop Demolition and Neglect of historic homes

SANDWICH — At the end of State Street in the historic Jarvesville neighborhood sits a small house. It has been left uninhabited for years.

The shingles look worn from the Cape’s harsh weather, and the paint is chipping. The plywood placed on the roof is not quite enough to cover a hole, allowing the outdoor elements inside.

The house, located at 18 State St., is the latest property residents have rallied around to save the historic nature of the neighborhood.

The fight to save the house from the wrecking ball continues.

At an Old King’s Highway Regional Historic Commission meeting on March 3, the panel unanimously to save the house.

The panel annulled a decision from the Sandwich Historic District Committee, one of its local chapters, that had decided to demolish allowed the house.

The regional body said the local committee failed to follow its own guidelines, and remanded the matter back to the Sandwich committee for further consideration.

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