Russian voters support reforms, allowing Putin to expand his rule-Raw Story

The Russians seem to have paved the way for Vladimir Putin’s continued administration until 2036. The bill passed a series of constitutional reforms with an overwhelming majority vote, which will also raise pensions. The poll shows part of the results.

Almost one-third of the votes have been counted, which shows that the former KGB officer has ruled Russia for more than two decades, and as president or prime minister will easily win the right to run for two terms. This means he can be elected president for another 16 years.

The Central Election Commission said that 74% of the votes in the world’s largest country supported constitutional changes. Of less than 30% of the vote, less than 25% voted.

The Russians were encouraged to vote through sweepstakes to provide apartments and advertising campaigns, emphasizing other constitutional amendments in the same reform bundle, such as pension protection and in fact, prohibiting same-sex marriage.

As people went to the polling station on Wednesday (the last day of voting) and went to Putin's order, 10,000 rubles ($141) were transferred to people with children in one go.

"I voted for amendments to the Constitution," said Moscow resident Mikhail Volkov. "We need to make fundamental changes. I am their supporter."

Others voted in favor with less enthusiasm.

"If I want, I have not read these amendments. Honesty," said another voter, Lyudmila. "If they have already decided for you, what is the point of voting? Just like in our country-read and vote.

Election officials say the turnout rate is about 65%. The required turnout rate is 50%, if amended The case received the support of a simple majority of voters, and the amendment would pass.

67-year-old Putin did not mention how these changes would affect his career Tuesday on the eve of the election. His current term expires in 2024 Later, they will allow him another two years in a row for six years.

Putin has said that he has not yet decided his future. Critics say they are sure he will run again, but some analysts said he may want to keep The right to choose to avoid becoming a la-foot duck.

According to the Levada pollster, his approval rating is 60%, which is still very high, but very low

Russia reports thousands every day In 10,000 new Covid-19 cases, opponents were unable to protest, but mocked the vote online and shared photos of the polling station in the apartment stairwell, courtyard and garden.

Small-scale protests

A handful of activists held a symbolic protest on Red Square on Wednesday afternoon, using their pro-trapped body to form a date-2036-and were quickly detained. Police, TV Rain reported.[19659002] "No! The campaign," called on supporters to vote against these changes and then discuss the results on Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow while respecting the rules of social segregation.

"We need to remind the authorities that we exist, and we have thousands of us Tens of thousands of activists Andrei Pivovarov said in an online video.

During the event, dozens of policemen appeared at the scene and was ruled by Putin. One masked protester stood on the banner saying "I/We are the Constitution", while others shouted "Russia will be free". Other slogans suggest that the best constitutional amendment is Putin's resignation.

The opposition recommended that supporters vote “no”, but complained of violations.

The leader of Zyuganov said that Putin and voters need to weigh the consequences of sticking to the policies of the Russian leader, which he said caused damage to the economy.

"Putin needs to choose," Ziyanov said. "For him, the moment of truth is coming."

Putin once said that he hoped for a clean vote, which was a vote promised by the election officials.

Golos, a non-governmental organization that monitors elections, said that he would not


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