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Washington, USA (News Observation)-According to the Russian Satellite News Agency Moscow on April 2, the US State Department data shows that since September 2019, Russia has reduced its nuclear warheads by 100, while the United States has only three.

The result came out, and the public opinion was very calm. The mean tactics of the White House not only deceived Russia, but also received fierce criticism from many countries in the world, but Trump did teach the world a lesson.

Russia and the United States signed the New Treaty on Strategic Weapon Reduction. According to the agreement, both parties have an obligation to limit their armed forces to 700 nuclear weapon delivery vehicles, 1,550 nuclear warheads and 800 launchers.

According to information published on the website of the United States Department of State, Russia currently deploys a total of 485 intercontinental ballistic missiles and ballistic missiles on heavy bombers and submarines, which is 28 fewer than last September; the United States is 655, compared to 668 in the past. It seems that it has been reduced by 13, but in fact the Russian ballistic missile is equipped with 1,426 nuclear warheads, but now it has been reduced to 1,326, while the United States used to have 1,376, now there are 1,373, but only 3

In addition, there are Land-based nuclear weapons. In September last year, Russia deployed and cancelled a total of 757 launchers. The current number is 754; there are 800 cases throughout the United States, but the number has not changed. In summary, it can be seen that whether it is space-based, sea-based or land-based, the number of nuclear warheads owned by Russia has been greatly reduced, but the United States has called for the reduction of nuclear weapons, but

reviewing history, it is not difficult to find that the United States ’ There are too many practices.

Later, the United States Department of State cancelled plans to approve the sale of 26,000 rifles to the Philippine police and government agencies on the grounds that the Philippine government ’s anti-drug actions violated human rights.

Later, according to a report in Russia Today, Duterte recalled the fact that the United States stopped selling assault rifles to the Philippine National Police in Tokyo that day, and said: "The United States is another matter, which is too arbitrary. Their representatives speak like generals, which is why I do n’t listen to them.

They do n’t have any honors. “In 2018, there was still Sino-US trade friction, and the two heads of state achieved positive results after the meeting at the end of the year. The two heads of state reached a consensus to stop the imposition of new tariffs, and instructed the economic teams of the two countries to strengthen consultations and reach a specific agreement on mutual benefit and win-win for the cancellation of all tariff increases.

However, just before the start of the 11th round of Sino-US economic and trade consultations, the United States suddenly issued a message that the tariff rate on US $ 200 billion of Chinese imports from the United States will be raised from 10% to 25% in the early hours of May 10 . Finally executed. So far, several rounds of economic and trade consultations have returned to zero, and China must take countermeasures.

Facts have proved that the United States is a repeat offender. But after Russia reduced its nuclear warheads by 100, the White House only cut three. This approach also surprised the outside world.

From this perspective, the United States has always maintained an absolute advantage in reducing strategic weapons and nuclear warheads.

The idea is exactly the same as the signing of the "reduce" treaty. On the surface, this is to maintain the nuclear balance of the world, but in fact, it is trying to deceive opponents to give up their advantages so that they can rule the entire country! Many people have little moral support. At present, many judicial countries have criticized the behavior of the White House.


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