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Creating a house involves more than just building a house.

Allison Grafton has never had glass ceilings in Calgary's residential building market. In fact, it is in her advantage to be a woman in this male-dominated field. "Who I am-a woman, a businessman, a wife, and a mother-all bring me a lot of benefits," said Rockwood Custom Homes founder and president. "I'm an excellent multitasker and a very good representative." Grafton will at any time oversee the construction process, architecture and interior design of the house that 20 people dream of. Every aspect, of course, includes physical walls and floors, and a warm atmosphere. "Home is a spiritual place; we are raising our family here," she said.

For anyone who has survived Renault, this experience may and should be positive, even pleasing, and may feel novel. Many people think that each project will inevitably take longer and cost more than planned, and they are not all wrong. "Few people will deliver the house on time and on budget," Grafton noted, in her early years working on house renovations. During the day, she was an investment banker, but while working full time and busy living with her three children, Grafton's enthusiasm was the residence. Grafton and her husband built or completely renovated 16 houses from scratch. But the longer she has been involved in the industry, the more she realizes that the industry itself should be transformed. "This is a simple process that lacks financial management.

Rockwood Custom Homes will use Grafton's savvy financial capabilities in the banking industry to take this risk entirely to the customer.

" I have integrated into every aspect of the build, And responsible for 100% of them. I quarrel with my team every day and I don't sit at my desk. If there is any problem, I will and will blame it. Grafton said. Fortunately, her team of 35 employees helped her avoid this fate. During 10 years of operation, Rockwood has never missed a check-in date. Seriously.

Although Rockwood mainly operates residential But one-time custom projects include recently completed, of course, King Edward's multi-family home delivered on time, next to the Calgary Arts Centre and Innovation Centre cSPACE. Of course, there is no pressure, but Grafton's brand new The work both attracts cSPACE customers and seamlessly blends into this historic city center. "It's an apartment, but it's like an apartment you've never seen before. "The 18 oversized units are completely unique and tailored to their owners.

Some customers have a clear and long-term vision of their dream home, while others start from scratch and need to be progressive At one time. Both were easier than any other, and Rockwood would choose its customers carefully. "We choose customers just as we choose us," Grafton said.

Grafton's passion is Infectious, so, with a little business background, passion is the only real premise for hiring Rockwood, and that makes sense. She is a staff member handpicked by Grafton, and their full-time participation is challenging Performance, but also brought some significant benefits: "Every year, I lead the entire team to retreat," she said. Last year in New York and then in Europe, the Rockwood team just returned from a resort in Hawaii. "We build relationships, build friendships and work hard. She said: "Since we are now building some new houses inspired by nature, we went to Maui and visited nature and architecture. She added that her competitors may scoff at the time and money they spend on so-called vacations, "but I believe I'm investing in my team and showing them my commitment. Also, I can only keep it in the bank, so there isn't. "No wonder her employees will stay.

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