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Right royal lunatic dressed up in Cheltenham

by Russell Bruce

It is said that Prince Charles has isolated his oversized "but and Ben", which has caused anger. Traditionally, the "Daben" house has 2 rooms instead of the 3-storey Birkhall in the center of the HRH Highland related building. These buildings are located in the 6,500-acre Birkhall estate, which is the total area of ​​the 53,000-acre Balmoral Royal Land. a part of.

It can be understood that people have a self-protection instinct, but traveling to a second residence will spread contagiousness to other parts of the country and endanger the local population. This can only be described by a description that is purely selfish. We know that this kind of Natural migration was a major factor in the spread of the virus in Italy, and Lombard residents decided to move it to more rural areas in the south.

The University of Westminster is generally reluctant to learn from or follow the advice of the World Health Organization from Asia and other European countries. Norway stopped people from getting on the car two weeks ago. Scotland sees a wave of mobile homes moving north. Under normal circumstances, they would be very popular, but now it is not normal time and they have been sent home for consideration.

Royal Castle and Leaping Peacock

Birkhall was originally Gordon, one of Clan's castles . Canmore (part of the Scottish historical environment) provides the following description: (NO 3488 9360) The front door of the Birkhall house, built by Gordons of Abergeldie, has a stone carved with R.G. on it. Master's degree in 1715. It was previously known as Stiren, and was marked as "Steirn" on the Gordon map of Straloch in 1654. This is a three-story ordinary house that has undergone major changes since 1715 and is now owned by the royal family.

According to "reliable" sources The Daily Mail Prince Charles may have been infected as early as May 13. They ignored mentioning that it was during Cheltenham when the Royal Idiot was furious. Social Dance-Not available for crowded photos of royals and their friends.

The title picture is from an online article in The Tatler full of clothes they wear, and overpriced clothes, hats and hat placement. bag.

They dress smart like peacocks.

Horses seem secondary to who and where and the clothes they wear. Horses ca n’t get Covid-19, so they ca n’t spread the infection-that ’s okay, because doing British things is important, as Tatler points out: "Keep calm and stick to it, Royal Mantra of

Stable doors and bolt horses

Failure to cancel Cheltenham is undoubtedly a major mistake. The Conservative government is timid and dare not take any action to spoil the entertainment of the nobles and the rich, This has accelerated the spread of the virus across the UK. It is considered a "safer area"-infection rates are rising in Scotland, Wales and South West England. It is understood that the first batch of Scottish borders known for Scottish equestrian sport The case was the result of a return from a horse brigade in Cheltenham.

65,000 and

Evidence that Scotland's increased focus on the blockade and curbing transmission is natural prudence for most Scots, First Minister Nicholas Dr. Nicola Sturgeon and the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, Dr. Catherine Calderwood

Carl Dr Dewood said yesterday that the actual number of people infected in Scotland could exceed 65,000. A thought-provoking idea. Newsnet avoids predicting numbers other than confirmed cases. The authors believe that the minimum possible value is 10, but did not include it. Dr. Dewell can get informed advice based on official models of science and the situation in Scotland.

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