Reporter mocks Republican excuses because Trump’s ignorance of Russia’s reward

The New York Times confirmed on Tuesday that funds from the Russian military account did indeed transfer large amounts of financial transfers to bank accounts related to the Taliban. Reporter Adam Goldman spoke to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, saying that the more information known, the easier the excuses and explanations come from the Republican Party.

Goldman Sachs reports that President Donald Trump was informed of Russian bounty for American soldiers in the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB) on February 27. Trump called The Times “fake news” and said intelligence told him that the story was not “credible”.

"Under normal circumstances, the President will read PDB, so the fact So they put it in the PDB, they think it deserves the president's attention." Goldman Sachs said. "We know that the President will not read PDB. He gets oral briefings two or three times a week from intelligence briefers. You know, Ambassador [John] Bolton said he didn’t even take them seriously.

He continued to explain The Republicans couldn’t even figure out what excuses they wanted to explain why Trump was not responsible for the lives of the soldiers killed.

“The idea that shouldn’t have been told the president was stupid, Republicans seemed unable to speak out, Goldman Sachs said. "Yesterday they accused us of endangering the ongoing investigation. Today they said, "This is not credible." 'The President said, 'This is a scam. ' They can’t even be on the same page. Mike McCall of Texas said yesterday that there is sufficient evidence to support this, and there is evidence to the contrary. So, at some point, if it’s worth joining the PDB, you think someone will tell the president.

He went on to say that the people who investigated the scandals on the ground were much more credible

"As part of this investigation, it seems that the special commandos in Afghanistan carried out several surprise operations and arrested this Afghan businessman, he may have anything to do with this particular operation or conspiracy, no matter what you want. Call it. As part of this plan, they found about $500,000 in a house owned by Taliban members. "For people doing this work, this is an investigation, they have to reveal what they found, right? Then, after collecting the evidence, they start to look back and start to put these things together. Tactical intelligence or work in the field The tactical report of the personnel is very, very credible.

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